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Does my character seem like a real person?

Asked by WhovianGirl18 (80points) March 1st, 2014 from iPhone

My character is a teenage girl. Her name is Hikari(prefers Kari). I’m not sure about the last name. She was born in Tokyo, Japan to a Japanese mother and a British father with Spanish and Irish heritage. She moved to London when she was seven years old. People don’t believe her about her Japanese heritage or that she was born in Japan because she looks like her dad. She had dark wavy brown hair, amber eyes, olive skin, and freckles across her nose. She has dyslexia and ADHD. She fluently speaks Japanese. She is not really good at math or science. She is a tomboy. Her best friend is a boy named Elliot. She loves history. She loves reading. She loves music and dancing. Her favorite music genre is Rock. She loves video games and skateboards. She has a little sister who is ten years old, named Mari, and she loves her more than anything. Her and Mari look nothing alike because Mari looks more like the mom. She basically raised Mari because her parents are too busy working or fighting to pay attention to them. She hates showing her feelings. She gets mad at people to hide her true feelings. She is hotheaded, stubborn, and sarcastic.

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