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Would someone PLEASE post a thought provoking, stimulating, intelligent , question ?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22899points) March 1st, 2014

For the better lack of questions, someone please post a great question, that will bring out great answers , and stimulate a lot of responses.

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O.K. you first.

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Why is the sky blue?

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The man with the melon in his right hand stood with his left leg resting on the table.

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@Symbeline why not?
@talljasperman Don’t look now but I did go first, now it’s your turn.
@1TubeGuru because pollution hasn’t choked all the colour out of it yet.
@Hawaii_Jake doesn’t make any sense until we know where he bought the melon.

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@Hawaii_Jake Lima beans,you said it was a melon.

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@SQUEEKY2 I don’t see it.

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Great idea.

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How do you know it will generate a good discussion? It could get jack shit for answers.

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I might be able to, but not with this in-my-face pressure!

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@SQUEEKY2 I asked three quick questions. I hope you like at least one of them.

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@talljasperman I liked them they just were not my thing.

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@SQUEEKY2 Thank you. What is your thing?

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Trucking,computers ,and Mrs Squeeky.

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Well, if we go with real detailed questions about Mrs Squeeky you’re probably going to get pissed, so what else is up for grabs?

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@SQUEEKY2 How about pentaflops computing , or quantum computing?

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I recently tried to do that and got modded.

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Now all I need are countless “thought provoking, stimulating, intelligent” answers.

Thanks for prodding me (no dammit, I did NOT say probing me!) into asking something better’n “What’s your favorite flavor of Jello?”

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Why is suicide considered taboo?

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@ibstubro Nah…I don’t have the energy to engage in my own question. haha

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I DO, @Coloma. Just forward them!

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Has any question from a Q and A site ever lead to an advancement or invention or innovation in the real world? I used todays three questions… any one is free to ask this question for me.

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apparently easier asked than done Squeek!

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@stanleybmanly No kidding,and I was counting on you.

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My questions were, what, chopped liver?

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@ibstubro hmmm chopped liver… I like mine breaded.

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Why do most movie sequels suck in comparison to the first one-?

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@mazingerz88 My guess is, because they try to recreate the magic and originality of the first, by copying it. Look at Jaws 2. I mean, we can all agree, whether you enjoyed the movie or not, that the first Jaws is quite a piece of work. For a movie about a killer shark, there’s been worse, and I know for a fact, for a FACT, that there are more than, at least, 100 killer shark movies out there. I’m not making this up. Jaws wasn’t even the first one.
Problem with Jaws 2 is, they just tried to remake the first one all over again, and making the shark stupid in wanting revenge. It’s essentially the same movie, but granted, two things; They did use the same family and used continuation from it, like the guy being all traumatized and suffering from the Cassandra Syndrome due to the first movie. Second, just what the fuck can you add to a movie that’s about a shark killing people, anyway? Although as far as I know, a lot of people loved Jaws 2…must be something wrong with me. At least they gave up by 3 and 4, and just made whatever. Sometimes it’s better when they just use the movie as an excuse to show certain scenes and themes, and not try to justify the theme and idea that which was originally set. I mean seriously, in part four, the shark goes halfway across the globe after the family. Seriously? But at least then, we know we’re in for some dumb fun that won’t insult our intelligence.

Or look at Terminator III. Essentially, it’s the same damn thing as Terminator II again. Seriously. There’s John being an alcoholic now, and some shit going down over at Skynet, but seriously…it’s just him, his girlfriend and the Terminator learning to cope, and eventually, getting shit done. The T-1000 is replaced by the T-X, that’s it that’s all.

Oh, and a hearse too. That WAS fucking awesome.

The problem is, they try to recreate what made the first movies fun, but when you do that, purpose and magic is often lost, if you’re just trying to go from, rather than to create from.

Or if they don’t do that, they add continuation. That gets into a lot of things, and they don’t all work. Take the Halloween movies. (best example I can think of, and not because I’m biased) The only reason those are a continuation is because it’s the same killer every time. No matter how many plot twists they add though, or new elements, they could just add a different killer, and it would be a totally different movie.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sleepaway Camp is a franchise that manages continuation well, as it goes from the former elements and creates the continuation by introducing new shit with old shit, and at least trying to make it connect, which is justified, no matter how lame it is. But there is a difference between continuation, and cow cashing, is there not?

I think most sequels were born from wanting to see name success of an original first that hit. Exceptions would be things like Lord of the Rings, which is one whole big story that could not be told in one whole movie. Or Romero’s zombie trilogy, as those are three separate stories which do not connect, they just happen in the same situation.

I think the answer lies in between someone’s beloved project and the film industry being an industry. Mind you I’m not complaining; in fact, I want more Halloween movies.

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I need more answer for these!

My question: will someone please answer my question thoughtfully?

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