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What are the most powerful artifacts in real life and in pretend world?

Asked by talljasperman (21850points) March 1st, 2014

the three triforces Wisdom , Power and Courage. The infinity gauntlet. The device that the Red Skull stole in Captain America. These are some of the fake artifacts. What are some real, like the ark of the covenant, the pyramids. A nuke from the states, the singularity for the computing world.

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How is a pyramid powerful?

Fuck artifacts. The riddle of steel is, that steel is no stronger than the hand that wields it.

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I don’t know about ‘real artefacts’ but I guess people’s belief in them is what makes them powerful. Things like flags, or the Blarney Stone.. or images of The Virgin Mary showing up in toast.. or her statue crying oil or blood. People go a bit balmy over these things even though they are just ‘things’. Other examples… ‘Holy Water’, holy relics that are paraded through streets on Saints Days… they are just things, but people empower them through some irrational belief. Lucky charms, diamonds, Oh… how about currencies and exchange? Futures trading. Ummm…. Anything that is valued over it’s intrinsic value, really could be said to hold some magic power simply because enough people empower it with their belief.

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Real life:
The Ark of the Covenant
The Spear of Destiny

The ring of power
The sword of Hatori Hanzo

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