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What goes around comes around?

Asked by Optimism101 (101points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

Now usually this is said in a negative way, but do you think this is true on a positive aspect. Your kind gestures will one day be returned.

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I would really like to believe it. Right now I am in a serious long dry spell with that though. It really sucks.

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Yes, I have seen that happen. I believe that kindness is its own reward though.

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Yes. I am on the receiving end of great kindness from people who were once shown great kindness. They will accept no thanks and I have assured them I will pay it forward someday.

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Yes, if you are a good person, good things happen to you, I’m a living proof of it :)

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good karma I live by it.
Always have to be positive.

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I am a firm believer of this concept.

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I would dearly love to believe this. I was always told as a child that you should always treat everyone just as you’d like to be treated yourself. I have been disappointed (and hurt) in the past by the way people chose to act, I’ve had friends who have repeatedly stolen from me, call me awful names behind my back etc. I couldn’t ever bring myself to hurt them, instead I chose not to be around them anymore. I don’t wish them any ill whatsoever, its just how they are (even to each other) but it would be nice if they learned to be nicer to others.
hugs everyone xx

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Yes, in both the positive and negative way, what goes around comes around. I have found that through volunteer work and giving of my time, I feel more enriched and happier about my life in general.

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