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Is there such a thing as daredevil insurance?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 1st, 2014

Okay, in theory I basically understand why people want to scale the highest mountain, dive the deepest sea. However, when they fail, who should be responsible for the rescue?

If there’s not daredevil insurance, I think there should be. Before you’re allowed to scale or dive, you should have to secure some kind of insurance that will pay the costs of your rescue if you fail. The rescue would still be done by publicly payed professionals, but someone should be responsible for reimbursing the public.

Of course, this could also open the door for private, contracted professional rescue services. In that case, the government might find it cheaper to contract those services rather than maintain a 24/7 crew at the ready.

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Lloyd’s of London will insure for anything.

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Like if the Rescue Hero’s charged for their services… You could add another hero to the rescue squad the maxium accountant. You can get insurance for everything, even alien abduction insurance.

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There is insurance for driving in DE’s at racetracks. It’s around $250 for a weekend. I assume there is insurance for other dare devil type activities, but I don’t know any details.

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You can get insurance for anything. But it can be pretty damn expensive.

If they estimate it would cost $1 million to rescue you, and it’s a ⅓ chance they’ll have to rescue you, the premium would probably be around $400 K, if they feel you are a qualified expert, more if you’re an amateur.

The person being rescued usually is responsible for paying the cost of the rescue.

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It’s around $50 to get insurance to cover your medical helicopter needs around here. It’s a must have if you ski/hike in the Sierras, in my opinion, because a $30k bill just to get care flight to a hospital would make me wanna kill myself anyway.
After that, well, that’s why we have a volunteer Search and Rescue squad, consisting of different specialty branches, like swift water, high angle, dog teams, foot teams, etc. we do it because we genuinely love it. It’s an organized part of the Sheriff’s department. We operate on donations. It’s rare that we save someone and don’t get compensated, because people in trouble realize it, and are grateful.

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Yes. If you have ever applied for life insurance there is a question that asks if you scuba dive of sky dive. Check off either as a yes and watch your premium quote go through the roof.

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@AstroChuck I think Lloyds of London have had their fingers burnt over the last few years and perhaps they are a bit more cautious now.
Maybe the criteria to be met is tougher.

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Likely the premiums are just higher, @SomeoneElse.

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@ibstubro I know there was a right to-do when the ‘Names’ at Lloyds were losing money and there were a lot of mutterings about litigation, people losing their homes and other things.
I didn’t have the kind of money to be a ‘Name’.
Still don’t, come to think of it!

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Well, if public land required risk insurance, @SomeoneElse, then Lloyd’s could charge amout any amount on extremely high-risk adventure, was the foundation of my question. I didn’t realize you were a Brit, of I would have been more circumspect discussion Lloyd’s, of which I know virtually nothing.


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