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Could we vote for our new community manager?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36153points) March 2nd, 2014

Who is even eligible, and who wants to do it?

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If nominated, I will not run.

If elected, i will not serve.

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I like the sound of “you to be somewhat self-governing”...a LOT

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As I understand it, even if someone is willing to do it, there are no plans to have a new one. Not sure yet, but I think this is what Ben and Andrew had decided. The manager is also being paid, or was, so if there is a new one, they would have to be paid too.
If this did happen though, it would be great if we had a replacement.

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There are no plans for a new community manager. I don’t think that we will choose a replacement.

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I nominate Milo.

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The site creators and Auggie decided not to name a new community manager.

All of the duties of a community manager will still be covered by the moderation staff and we will be working in collaboration to maintain the site to the best of our abilities for the foreseeable future.

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The masses demand Milo!

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We don’t plan to have a single manager anymore. The mods will manage as a team. If the site ever has an unexpected growth spurt, Ben and the mods will reevaluate.

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I can’t help but notice that no one has approached me asking if I want to be a mod. lol! Yeah, ya’ll ask a cat to be mod, but not me. See how you are?

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Perhaps Milo would deign be our Community Emperor, if we ask humbly.

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^^^ SEE??!! SEE??!!

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I nominate Yarnlady.

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How will moderators be chosen without higher management? Moderators come and go on here very frequently.

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I am all for Milo, too. He can be paid in cat food.

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Where IS Yarnlady, anyway? She, Rarebear and WillWorkForChocolate seem to have disappeared.

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@Dutchess_III Yarnlady is on Answerbag. She wants a more mature site. Wait until she finds out that more wacky people in AB than in Fluther.

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Yarnlady is not coming back? What happened?

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@jca She’s sick of imamates running the asylum… but I’m paraphrasing.

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Was there a specific problem she had?

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@jca She never alluded to one. She thinks Answerbag is moderated better.

Response moderated
Response moderated
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@Paradox25 – Most of the current mod team have been moderators for over a year. I am the newest mod, but I have been a Jelly since 2007, and I care about the site and community. I’ve considered being a mod for years, but didn’t have much free time; now that I have a little more time, I’m dedicated to the duty. If or when it is felt that additional mods are needed, it will be discussed amongst the team, and we will decide how to approach it based on the circumstances at that time.

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There are so many great people here who would make excellent managers. So for now I nominate one (so as to not mistakenly miss out one) and that would be…... @Hawaii_Jake !

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