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Any one else getting "server error" messages while attempting to access this site?

Asked by stanleybmanly (16441points) March 2nd, 2014

There are instructions on my screen to notify the site administrator at Advice?

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Yes, we’re working on it! One of our servers is down.

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Soldier on brave Augustlan!

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It’s very intermittent…we’re trying to resolve it. If, after a while, anyone is still having trouble, remember to clear your cache (history/cookies) and restart your browser.

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One of our two servers is down. Right now it appears to be server 1. The website appears functional on server 2.

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I don’t receive any server error message, but it seems that the site it a bit slow, and there are some errors, like my answer suddenly duplicated.

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Right now, I think both servers are back up.

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This place must be run on the exertions of two exhausted tennis players…new balls please.

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I’ve been able to restart the servers, which is a good thing. Now, we don’t have to wait on Bendrew.

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