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Hey did you just see Andrew in that JC Penny's commercial?

Asked by sudo_nim (74points) March 2nd, 2014

Did ya?

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Can you post a link?

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It was just on the oscars.

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Nice butt!

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I wonder how tall he is? I’m 6’5” 197 cm. ... Who is taller?

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Damn, that is one fine ass right there. :)

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dat ASS yo

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Dude is cool. I’ll take the ladies’ words for the quality of his equipment. The music is sexy, the “wife’s” narration and voice are pleasant. BUT every stitch of clothing featured on both characters was about as interesting as a slice of yesterday’s toast. The rags are so drab that it would appear that they were deliberately chosen to contradict the music and the dialog.

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What’s the story behind how Andrew became an actor?

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@PhiNotPi He was always an actor…I think he started in high school? He just has many interests. ;)

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…is that actually Andrew?

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Well, my comment stands; dat ass! :D

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