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Why isn't the Fukishima fall out national news?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 2nd, 2014

Isn’t essentially what is going on is that nuclear waste is poisoning the entire Pacific Ocean if not the rest of the worlds oceans?

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No, because it hasn’t been proven to go beyond the immediate locale.

There have been a number of reports of radiation landing in California, and I as a resident within 20 miles of the beach have been following it, yet the reports are unfounded and not demonstrated. And studies have show the heavy isotopes form the reactors actually sink to the bottom in a short distance.

Nothing has hit Hawaii, there are no reports of anything but trash reaching Alaska, or British Columbia, or Washington or Oregon.

So no, it’s not poisoning the world’s oceans.

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@zenvelo definitely sounds like the perfect situation for the birthing of a real Godzilla

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There are other more pressing issues to worry about like (1) C. difficile, (2) bloodstream infections that kill 50% of all people who get it, and (3) the new “super gonorrhea” that “tends to spread through unprotected oral sex.” (-from “The Week” magazine, nov.22, 2013) three strains of deadly MRSA type infections that “pose an “urgent” risk to the health of Americans, says the CDC.” (My guess is that in 5 to 8 years we won’t be talking about AIDS anymore!) So why worry about a little leaking Fukushima radiation?

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We’ve been conditioned by the volume of information regarding news in general to develop a shamefully short attention span. In addition, it appears there is a remarkable effort afoot to avoid the stampeding of the herd of humanity. The enormity of the problem is there for anyone who wants to look into it, but the press, even the sensationalist press has avoided seizing upon the catastrophe to make money. There are sobering documentaries and reams of scholarly articles on nearly every aspect of the ongoing disaster, but the average person walking around on the planet hasn’t a clue as to either the severity or extent of the resulting problems. It’s a good bet, nevertheless, that the disaster amounts to a stake in the heart for proponents of expanding nuclear power generation within the United States.

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There are internet memes circulating that claim high radiation flowing around the Pacific. Most respectable sources say that it is barely measurable.

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@Lightlyseared I’ve read that several months ago… It’s, “ok” news… but it doesn’t mean the problem is solved. I don’t understand why just because it isn’t “harmful enough” to be worried about right now, it doesn’t make it ok for the problem to not be solved! It is still unsolved and we should demand a solution be fixed now. I mean, come on, were Americans, we already outspend every other military in the world and patrol the largest portions of the oceans with the U.S. Navy… Isn’t it time we at least fix the waters we’re patrolling? Japan must be held accountable.

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Levels are below background levels. Nothing we can do to reduce it.

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@pleiades The US military is responsible for more environmental waste than Fukishima and a lot of is much closer to home.

Maybe you should hold yourselves accountable first?

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