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Would you have given in or stood your ground?

Asked by nayeight (3353points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

A customer came in to where I work today and wanted to return a painting that she bought for $350 back in February. The store I work at has a 30 day return policy so I told her that I could not return it because that was 4 months ago. She began to complain and talked about how she spends alot of money at the store and that I should just make an exception for her since she never used it. Once again I told her I could not and that it was a company policy. She begain to ague and wanted to speak to a store manager or regions. Im a assistant manager and she told me that she couldnt imagine that I got a as a manager at all because I was rude and didn’t know what I was doing (I have been working there for 3 years almost). I just want to know what anyone else would have done?

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Policy is policy.
I work at a pizza place, and our company policy is one coupon at a time. Many regular customers complain that I should make an exception for them simply because they frequent the store. My response is generally similar to yours.
In short: It’s company policy and I’m not putting my ass on the line for you.

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I agree with lefteh, I have stood my ground before though but it was more for a battle that was more reasonable. When I got Paralells for my mac I accidently bought the upgrade software and not the full install software, so I had to argue with the people at best buy to let me pay the $100 extra and not the full $270 all over again.

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Nayeight. Do yourself a favor and watch more than a few episodes of Airport. They show some of what I think are the best examples of customer service in the business. Some of them are absolute saints, not only with what they have to put up with, but also in more caring and going beyond the pale situations. I think it would really help your perspective and know that you’re not alone while getting some great examples on how to handle difficult situations.

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@Seesul, sounds interesting. What is Airport, and where can we watch it?

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Sorry, I got it wrong. I was thinking of the UK series. There is also an Airline UK series, which is what the US series is based upon. UK is based on EasyJet, while the US series is based on Southwest Airlines. It’s an A&E Channel show and covers operations at LAX (Los Angeles International), MID(way/Chicago), BWI (Baltimore Washington) and HOU(ston). More into here

Recently it has been on daytime repeats.

I think one of the best examples that I have ever seen on how to handle a difficult situation was on a SWA flight out of Manchester, NH. Our flight was cancelled at the last minute due to a mechanical and the various agents went into action, re-routing everyone as quickly as possible onto other flights, some that were leaving in minutes.We made it onto a flight and the flight was held for a lady with her two very young kids, who had also been on our original flight. The only problem was that, by that time, there weren’t 3 seats together. (I was already separated, so i couldn’t help out.

The flight attendant explained the problem and asked if anyone would move so this lady could sit together with her infant and two year old. No one budged, so they asked again. Still no takers. Finally, the flight attendant held up the two year old and said: “okay, one more chance, I’m going to walk down the aisle and see who gets to entertain this cute kid, for FOUR hours”. I’ve never seen so many people pop out of their seats and offer to give them up. Through creativity, the FA quickly took care of a problem and got the flight off on time.

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I did a little more research and the show is now in re-runs on the Bio(graphy) Channel.

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You’ll find that some people will try anything to get what they want in situations like that, even though they know that they haven’t a leg to stand on. They’ll be rude, obnoxious, and just downright mean if they think it’ll get them what they want. You were absolutely right to stand your ground. Well done.

I’ve seen it plenty and I would have done exactly the same. You know the thing that really really pisses me off about people like this though. They demand to see a Manager, but as soon as s/he come out of the office and calmly say the exact same thing as one of the staff has just said they accept it and leave. WTF.

Again though, well done nayeight.

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What did she mean by saying she had never used it? lol So because she never actually hung it on her wall you’re supposed to take it back? Seems like she bought it on a whim and is now tight on cash. Not your problem. Your company shouldn’t have to take a loss because some nitwit bought something they couldn’t afford.

Good job on standing your ground.

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I work at cold stone, and this weekend a guy ordered an ice cream (a HUGE ice cream, let me add), and at the register asked if I would give him whip cream. I said yes, I’ll add that as an extra mix-in, $.60.

He put on thia puppy dog face- he only had nine dollars and that would put him over by like $.15 (yes, that would have made his single ice cream close to nine dollars, gigantic), couldn’t I just “hook him up?” I said no, you don’t know my boss. He has a camera over the register not for theft protection, but so he can make sure his own employees don’t take money or give product away.

He looked at me like I was an insensitive asshole, and then reached into his pocket and pulled out a bunch of change!

I just… thought was relevant. I couldn’t believe it.

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How do you use a painting?!

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Update ! She called customer service and told them that her mother was sick with cancer and she couldnt get to a pier 1 because she was too occupied taking care of her. Customer service is making my store return the painting.

If that liar comes in on my shift trying to return it, I’m not returning it. This is ridiculous!

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Oh I HATE it when customer service don’t back you up. I mean seriously, supposed to be the same team and all that. What’s worse is the fact the lady is using the fact her mother has cancer as a pawn. I’ve been in similar situations.

I know exactly how frustrating this is for you.

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Did she even bother to mention that to you? Seems suspicious if she didn’t. If you do care to keep your job, it might be a good idea to arrange ahead of time for someone else to handle the return, since corporate has already gone above your head and okayed it. Let’s just hope you won’t be there, and it won’t become an issue. I’ve worked my share of retail, (I think it should be a requirement before anyone is on the receiving end of service) so I feel for you, but decide for yourself whether you want the job. She would be the grand winner, should you get fired for your action. Think about it first, okay. Best wishes.

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