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Have you ever met a celebrity? Were they nicer than you expected? Or not?

Asked by Stinley (11484points) March 3rd, 2014

I went to a lecture today and the present was off of the telly. He was very entertaining and even nicer than his on-screen persona.

Who have you met and what were they like compared to how you expected them to be?

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I met and worked with many well-known people in my advertising career. One of the nicest was Pat O’Brien, a very famous movie actor whom my then-wife and I had the pleasure of hosting in Dallas many years ago when he was appearing in a dinner theater production. Oh, the stories he had about his Hollywood days!

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I met Eddie Murphy at a Hair Style convention he was MC’ing and my then girlfriend was modeling at. I met him when he came right up to my girlfriend just started hitting on her. One of his goons even tried to get in between me and her. She told him to F’ck off and Eddie flipped both of us off. What a pompous a$$hole!

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I met & kissed Princess Diana when I was a young teen, as expected, I grew a semi erection.

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No, never met any celebrity. And I don’t care. Because why should I?

@ucme I guess you met her in your wet dream :D

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@Mimishu1995 No, very much in reality, she visited our little town to open a new factory, so there :P

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@ucme Really? I joked about it because I just can’t believe it :)

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Never been a fan of the royals, but she was pwetty.

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I don’t have any expectation that they would be different than any other person. I met and spent some time with Blythe Danner. I was a teenager. She was lovely. She was helping my aunt with an event.

Donna Karan was all smiles and friendly and told me I look just like Tatum O’Neal. I used to be told that a lot.

Tommy Hilfiger was sort of quiet, very nice. I have a photo with him somewhere. I might have lost it.

Carolina Herrera was beautiful. A real air of sophistication. I only spent a moment with her, introduced myself, but she was at the club for a few hours. It was a launch party for her perfume.

Joseph Abboud was awesome. He really wanted to know what customers were looking for and he was so comfortable to be around. Very congenial.

I’ve met other designers I am sure, but no others are coming to mind right now.

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I’ve met quite a few, and surprisingly the great majority have been exceedingly pleasant. I remember 30 years ago, I met my mother and sister at the National airport in Washington DC. I was retrieving the luggage and bitching loudly that they had more baggage than a profitable circus, when I looked up and there 2 feet away was James Earl Jones. The show that followed haunts me to the present. My mom, a woman as hard and severe as a cinder block, ran up to the man gushing with my sister right beside her. .Both of them had dazzled looks of enchantment on their faces that I have NEVER seen and would never believe possible on a relative of mine. They proceeded to bubble interminable silliness at the poor man who stood there smiling. In the midst of the babble, and I have no idea how he managed it, but that magnificent voice carried above the cackling women and it was SOFT “I try to avoid a lot of fuss in public places”. Not a word of it registered on either of them, and I was now terrified that they were on the verge of man handling him with a view toward depriving him of his clothing. I yelled in panic “Leave the man alone”, whereupon my mother’s head swiveled in my direction and cast that twin dagger “death is imminent” stare that had dominated my youth. Jones seeing “the look” chuckled and said “It’s okay, but I really must go”. I probably owe him a lot.

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I’ve met any number of celebrities, but who knows what they’re really like compared to their public face?
Vincent Price and President Carter both projected “nice”. Helen Hayes seemed to ‘bask’ in the attention, so I just observed from a distance, even though the group was under 30 people.

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I’ve met quite a few and they all have been decent people. One thing I noticed is when they are off their main jobs, say they’re on vacation, they just want to be treated as an average person going about their day. They don’t want to be treated as a celebrity.

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I haven’t. But my sister found herself in an elevator with Kevin Costner at a hotel in Wichita once. He was attending some baseball function there. Her leg was in a cast. He looked at her, looked at the cast, and as he was getting off the elevator he said, “Take care, OK?” She said he sounded sincerely concerned. This was in about 92, 93.

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A few other people I’ve met, all of them very nice to me except the last person on the list.

Dawn Wells (Mary Ann on “Gilligan’s Island”) – We ate dinner together
Ed McMahon (Johnny Carson sidekick) – He praised the TV spot I had written for him
Elena Holly (Buddy Holly’s widow) – I danced with her in a Texas bar
Herschel Bernardi (actor, original voice of “Charlie the Tuna”)) – He mistook me for another actor
Jimmy Breslin (newsman, columnist) – I worked with him at a newspaper
Dick Schaap (newsman, sportscaster) – Ditto
Charlie Portis (newsman, author of “True Grit”) – Ditto
Tom Wolfe (newsman, author) – Ditto. Also, we wrote a short but very admiring critique of a piece I had written
Walt Kelly (cartoonist, creator of “Pogo”)
John Hillerman (actor, Higgins in “Magnum P.I.”) – Close friend of my family
Jonathan Winters (comedian) – I directed him in a TV commercial
Louie Nye (comedian) – I directed him for a TV
Joseph Cotton (actor)
Mills Brothers (famous jazz and pop singing group)
Orson Bean (actor) – We traded several letters
Martin Sheen (actor, “West Wing”)
Ronald Reagan (actor 40th President) – A very interesting meet-up story
Steve Allen (TV personality, songwriter)
Tab Hunter (actor)
Tony Bennett (singer). Why was he so cold to me? Because I made the silly mistake of introducing myself as he was preparing to go on stage.

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No, but I knew someone before they became a famous celebrity. Does that count? He was a nice guy, but he’s got new friends now. . . .

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Whom did you meet?

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I have met a few (I used to work in theatre) and I can’t remember anyone being unpleasant. My favourite was when I was 17 years old, I told Michael Ball (stage actor/singer) that I loved him and he said “I love you too darling” he never called though :(

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I know a lot of well known musicians. Most of them are wonderful people and tons of fun to hang out with. A few are quiet, reserved, and great conversationalists. A couple are no longer welcome in my home.

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@Brian1946 Dynamo real name Steven Frayne.

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Yes and yes. They’re just people, for the most part like the rest of us.

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We lived 2 houses up from Dallas Cowboy Bob Lilly. I went into his house and met his adorable wife who came out with rollers in her hair. I also attended a Xmas party next door to us which houses Lilly’s best friend. I decided that” after I drink eleven drinks I will ask him for a photo”, so I did. “Sure! he said , “in front of the christmas tree?” and I said, “no; in the hallway” which was bizarre. His wife took the picture and she rode over on her bike the day we moved to give it to me. Both of them are the finest, least pretentious people you’d ever meet.

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As far as “Celebrity” celebrities, I gave up my parking spot to Samuel L. Jackson once. And we see Tony Dungee around town quite a bit. My husband has done the floors in the houses of several Bucs and Rays players, and the father of some Olympic tennis player or other. I can’t remember her name, but she was nice.

My husband has met a lot more than I have. Jose Conseco dated one of his former housemates, and they hung out a few times. And he ran into the members of Quiet Riot outside a concert, and prevented them from walking through a dangerous part of town to get a late-night snack.

He beat up Fred Durst once, before Limp Bizkit was famous. Jerk stole all the gig money.

@Aster Eleven drinks? Party on, Wayne!

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I’d give up my parking spot to Samuel Jackson too! And not because I was star struck, either!

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Haha. I was leaving work, and he was pulling in. Jeff Bridges was screening a film at the bowling alley next door to my office.

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I’ve met a few. Most are just regular people if you meet them outside of a work environment. If they are going onstage or in the middle of something, they’re focused on the task at hand.

I met Merlin Olsen and Steve Garvey both for a photo shoot for a charity I was invloved in when in college. They were both helful and friendly.

My old girlfriend and I met Natalie Portman at the Whitney Museum at an exhibit, and we all walked through it together, commenting on pieces we liked or didn’t. We wished each other well when we parted and she said she would enjoy meeting us again sometime.

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James Marsters – Comicon. He was really nice, especially after the way I stared and grinned like a fool.

Richard Kind – at a restaurant opening on the UWS. My little cousin wanted to meet him even though I was resistant because he was eating with his young kids, but she was shy and my uncle literally pushed me to go over with her as backup. One of the most awkward encounters I’ve ever had.

David Sedaris – a reading and signing at the Strand. We had a brief disussion about both having Tourette’s, and he wrote a really sweet inscription to my parents (the book was a gift for them).

Brian Jacques – a reading and signing when I was about 10. He was a very animated reader, and knew the passages almost by heart. I told him he should get a chef to make a Redwall cookbook – he always had the greatest food and feast descriptions in those books. He was jovially dismissive, but then there were a lot of kids to get through.

Joyce Carol Oates – a book signing. She had no line at all; I could have hung out and chatted for probably half an hour but found myself completely tongue-tied.

Haruki Murakami – a book signing. He had an enormous line, and does not speak English well so it was a very quick encounter.

Q-Tip – he was a client at the company I worked for in NYC. Nice guy; cool sunglasses.

Eric Kandel – my dad was on an episode of the Charlie Rose Show with Dr. Kandel and a few other panelists, and family was invited to the studio. We met at a dinner afterward.

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I saw Mr. Rogers in the airport. He had his characteristic smile the whole time. It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood even if he was surrounded by a team of staffers/blockers.

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@LuckyGuy Did you break into song or start taking your shoes off? lol

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or button up my cardigan?

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There’s a bunch of them on, it’s so much different than what I remember as a
Can you imagine a bunch of us over 35 singing and stripping? I mean, no don’t do that, but it would be hilarious.

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I’ve met more than I can even remember, but I do remember the worst – that would be baseball great Willie Mays. What an asshole! And another baseball great, Joe Dimaggio wouldn’t be far behind – they’re definitely 1 and 2 in the “not nice people” category. Not far behind would be 1970’s Country music star Barbara Mandrell – a real bitch.

On the other hand, there are some who were super-nice – 1950’s – ‘80’s Country music star Sonny James was perhaps the friendliest… were Frankie Valli and the original 4 Seasons….even Jerry Lee Lewis who has somewhat of a reputation as not being overly friendly turned out to be a nice guy. My boyhood hero Stan Musial was a super-nice person as well as was Muhammad Ali.

All the rest fall somewhere in between, mostly on the “nice guy” side.

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I helped Jim J. Bullock try to break into his car. He forget his keys in his Corvette when he was getting a Fatburger. We had no luck and he called the police. We did get a picture together with a coat-hanger. I was actually really stoked since I was a huge Too Close for Comfort fan. Super nice guy.

I also sort of met Jon Stewart. He was at a deli near where the letterman show is filmed. I snuck up behind him and tickled him and ran off. Apparently he wasn’t that amused as noted by a friend that was with me. He is a very tiny man.

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Oh! My girlfriend and I took some of the Wonderful Wumblies home with us after one of their concert at the Stage Door in Wichita.

I know you’re fascinated so here is some more info

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I was in line at a McDonald’s in NYC and I saw the cast of The State standing in line, too. I talked to Joe Lo Truglio for a minute about how MTV kept switching the time when the show aired. He seemed nice.

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I used to work for a professional football club in the UK so most of the celebrities I’ve met have been players and managers. Some famous, some less so, some became famous later. Most of them were nice. Not telling who they are or when I knew them because that would give away the club I worked for.

Also! When I was at school I met David Bellamy who came to our school as part of an environmental project we were doing. He was just as eccentric in real life as he was on the telly.

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I met Sir Edmund Hillary at a chat and book signing. His hand was huge and meaty when I shook it and he was so humble and nice and gracious. I real gentleman.

I met Dennis Connor during a visit for the America’s Cup in New Zealand. He was in Napier in a restaurant we frequented. He didn’t look well. Bloated and odd coloured. He was quite drunk, but nice enough when we walked past his table and wished him a nice stay in town. He asked a few questions about where to go so we made some recommendations about sights to see and wineries to visit.

There were a few rockers from New Zealand, you wouldn’t know of… Jordan Luck from The Exponents. (he gave me a sweaty smelly hug… I saw him again at a few other functions and he remembered me as ‘Taylor’s Missuz’ (they toured together in the earlier days). Dave Dobbin. Ian Morris. Dave was a bit stressed out when I met him, so it wasn’t a good time. (He was seriously pissed off about something) Ian .. I knew because he took over the Cabana bar in Napier with a group I knew quite well. Ian, sadly, took his own life 5 years ago.

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I met Jesus. I mean, Jim Caviziel, who played Jesus of Nazareth.
And Screech still owes me money for a soda I bought him…lol
I named my bird Pedra after Pedro on Napolean Dynomite because I liked him so much, he’s a crazy little pervert.

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I have the autograph of Kevin Youkilis back when he was on the Red Sox and I was in Boston. I was just part of a long line of people, so I didn’t have much of a conversation with him.

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Well, I am going to be getting my granddaughter’s autograph a week from Tuesday. Her dad is a music man and he has a gig playing at a local Mexican restaurant every other Tuesday. Her mom, my daughter, told me Brande, my granddaughter, gets up there and sings too! With him and solo! I knew that karaoke machine I got her for her Christmas was a good move! Brande is 10. :)

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OH! Splendid idea came to me! I’m going to print off an 8 X 10 picture of her and ask for her autograph on it! I’ll probably have to explain what an “autograph” is, but she’ll get a kick out of it! :D She’ll probably call me “The best Gramma EVER!” like she usually does. heh!

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I’ve met a few but I never had any expectations because it was either by accident (I literally bumped into Mike Tyson on the street) or through work, where the relationship was professional.

The best was Elton John. I was a designer for a company that was hired to design a stage set for a private concert he and Stevie Wonder we’re playing at. Day before the show, I’m up on stage working with the union guys hanging the set and Elton John asks me if it’s okay if he sits at the piano and warms up a bit. Gah!

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A zillion years ago and many : Martin and Charlie Sheen. Crazy fun drunks. Arnold Schwartzenegger when he spoke poor English. Seemed a bit bewildered. Gene Simmons asshole. Jack Nicholson meh. The rolling stones fun backstage party. Ray Davies nice. Della Reese an old bitch. Bette Davis same. Charles Fegert (Barbara Eden’s husband) into young women and cocaine, assorted saudi princes, ignorant, and one really famous sports figure that recently got stripped of his titles for finally owning up to doping. He was super nice. Asked me if I had cocaine. I didn’t . There’s more…meh most of em are ok.

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I met Cindy Crawford when she and some friends came to a party at our Frat. This was back when she was just a super model in Chicago and I remember she was super shy but very nice girl. I grew up near Marley Matlin and my ex-wife was friends with her circle of friends and we spent many evenings partying with her. VERY funny woman!

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I had a short chat with Dick Clark of American Bandstand in Philly when I was on there one glorious day as a teenager.

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I was walking in front of a shopping center and a car pulled up. Singer Pat Boone (Love Letters in the Sand) stepped out then smiled at me and waved. But I don’t call that MEETING him.

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I did stage crew in college and the more memorable celebs was Frank Zappa who was amazingly nice and accommodating for us grunts who helped the show go on, the band Genesis…Peter Gabriel was very charming…Elvis Costello who seemed shy and reserved but cracked the best jokes….Patty LaBelle who was a diva in her own mind and seemed to piss off anybody in her path.

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I’ve met a couple of the “Doctors” from Doctor Who, the legacy series. They were both very nice, polite, very appreciative of their fans.

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I worked three years in concert security, so yes, I’ve met several. 90% of the bands we had to work shows for were people I didn’t even know. Some of them, like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Krewella, and Ed Sheenan (some British pop singer) we worked shows with before they even had mainstream fame.

I’ll let you in on a secret, though. The job sucks! Most are only in it for the paycheck. You aren’t allowed to take pictures of hassle the performers. It is the number one offense to get you terminated. But most of us who work there are working class people, not upper middle class teenagers who think these people are super-important or special. We are doing a job, and the job pays very little. You have to deal with drunk concert goers all night, and the performers handlers are often rude or condescending. So there is no feeling of being star-struck or anything. And I couldn’t care less about celebrities, anyway. Many of them I talked to personally, because i often had to guard their trailers or tour buses after the show was over. The spot where fans would line up in order to get a glimpse at them as they head to them. Some are nice and appreciate all the hard work we did, but most didn’t even treat others like people.

Some of the few names I can remember meeting personally and talking to were Dropkick Murphys (St. Patricks Day 2013), Donald Glover of Childish Gambino and “Community” (Summer 2012), Katy Perry (June 2011 at the Wells Fargo Center), Lady Gaga (September 2011), J. Cole (August 2013), Jack Black & Tenacious D. (July 8th 2012), Beyonce and her bodyguard (Atlantic City, July 2013), The Roots (Roots Picnic, Summer 2013), Demi Lovato (Pop Tarts tour, July 2013), Drake (Made in America, September 2012) and Jay Z (Made in America, September 2012 and 2013). And the rest I probably forgot about.

As I said, these are just the ones I remember or recognize. In case anyone wanted to know my take on them: Katy Perry was the worst person ever. Very stupid and annoying. She almost got me fired. Demi Lovato was a bitch who let her fans pass out in the 100+ F degree heat and didn’t at all care. Dropkick Murphys like it when the fans are drunk and violent, which means more work for us. I had to guard Donald Glover personally. He’s kind of short. Only like 5’8” or so. He’s also RIPPED. He never wears a shirt, ever. He took a girl into his trailer and I left work before she ever came out. Jack Black was a jerk and narcissistic. He got mad someone was smoking a joint in front of him (because he couldn’t get to while performing). He mocked the guy. Lady Gaga was the nicest performer I met. She’s really little, though. She’s like the girl equivalent of me. I’m only 180cm, but she’s like 150 cm, barely five feet tall. She took her platform shoes off that night, and was dressed in something relatively normal. Black lingerie and stockings. Stefani was a sweet person and one of the only nice ones I can remember. J Cole is really tall. Like 6’3” or 6’4”. He also loves hockey, which is kind of lame. He said this to the audience because he said people stereotype him for being an NBA star because he’s tall, black, and wealthy and it offends him. Beyonce’s 6’6” bald Haitian bodyguard was a total d-bag. And so were her mean Amazon backup dancers. I didn’t talk to Beyonce then in Atlantic City, but I had to guard her booth for Made in America 2012. All day long in the heat, for that matter. The Roots are from the same area as me, so I couldn’t care less about them. They’re basically like my neighbors. I’ve never liked Drake. He’s corny and lame, to me. First of all, no one should curse using proper enunciation. Secondly, he’s a crap “rapper” to me. He’s corny and he’s phony. It took a lot to be polite for that event. Drake just makes my skin crawl with how lame he is. Lastly, Jay Z acts like he’s a king. He has a bubble of private security that surrounds him (all of which are shorter than him, even though he’s only about 6’1” or 6’2”), and our job was to keep the fans at bay. I guess he WOULD be the equivalent of modern royalty, but I’d like him better if he was more humble.

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@MarvinPowell Man, that makes me glad to be a metalhead. Literally every well-known metal musician I’ve ever met has offered me a beer and a seat and thanked me for coming.

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Killswitch Engage (if you know who they are) was kind of like that with fans at the after-show Meet and Greet. So was Within Temptation, not that they’re metal.

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@Seek your hubs gets extra points for beating up Fred Durst.

My ex rigged concerts in Oslo for a while and met several celebs. But he has no photos with them. That simply was poor form and rude to even ask.

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