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Is there a difference in overthinking, over thinking and over-thinking?

Asked by Lovefirst (116points) March 3rd, 2014 from iPhone


Is there a difference in the meaning of the three ? Or is it the same meaning and only one way to write it. I only saw overthinking on the internet.

Thank you!

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I think the right words are overthinking and over-thinking. Over thinking is not right at all. There are no differences between overthinking and over-thinking.

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Mimishu is right. “over thinking” is 2 words. I prefer sleep over thinking.

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You might be over-thinking this. I have abandoned that. I am SO over thinking.

dxs's avatar does not recognize overthinking as a word. Ineterstingly enough, when you look up overthink, overthinking shows up as a form of the word.

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@dxs but is Ineterstingly listed?

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@Strauss No. I have that word copyrighted.

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