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Does DailyBurn really work?

Asked by ameere (13points) March 3rd, 2014

I’ve been researching on weight loss fitness programs, and I find dailyburn to be interesting as it seems to work like a social community. I have read reviews, but I haven’t found anybody claiming they have lost any weight using it; usually, you can find before and after photos of people who have successfully completed any fitness program, but I haven’t found any other than the ones in the commercial.
Does any of you or anyone you know have tried dailyburn? and if so, what were the results? and, how long did it take to see results?

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Any fitness program is better than no fitness program. It’s really not rocket science or magic: eat fewer calories and exercise more. I suggest teaming up with a friend for workouts, that way you can motivate your partner when they’re sore and want to take a night off/quit and they can do the same for you. It creates a virtuous cycle. The other thing to consider is to make lifestyle choices instead of short periods of physical activity/dieting and then slipping back into old habits.

If this looks like something you can see yourself doing regularly 5 years from now, then it might be a good choice. Personally I’ve lost about 25 lbs since November by cutting way back on takeout/eating out, cooking a lot more, and riding a stationary bike (going up from 55 minutes/day to 60 minutes/day tonight). I started out slowly (like 20 minutes) and added more time each week.

One tip for cooking is to make a big pot of something on Sunday night, portion it into separate containers to freeze/refridgerate, and then you can have fast meals during the week. One dish I’ve been making regularly is stuffed peppers. You can make a nice pot of brown rice, lean ground beef/turkey, Onions, Garlic, chopped mushrooms, crushed tomatoes, and other goodies (e.g.sun dried tomatoes add a lot of flavor). Then you can easily cut and roast the peppers each night, adding your pre-made stuffing and topping with a light sprinkle of cheese, and you’ve got a great-tasting, healthy dinner that you can put together faster than a trip to the local pizza shop.

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Weight loss doesn’t necessarily happen right away nor should it. Muscles weigh.more then fat yet they create a healthy strong good looking frame for the body. Also more muscle uses more calories at a resting rate. Upping metabolism.

I havent heard or seen daily burn. But if something you will commit to and you won’t commit to any thing else it may be a good idea. Otherwise million and one ways to get and stay fit. Most of them free.

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I have ordered all kinds of weight loss pills and drinks. I find NOTHING works without eating less and exercising. Oh the wasted money over the years. But people like me fall for it now and then.

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