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Under what conditions would you cheat?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 3rd, 2014

What situation or condition would cause you to cheat? Would it depend on who was being cheated? If you were vying for a promotion but you somehow came into possession of the criteria the higher ups were seeking in the candidate to fill the upcoming position, would you take it home and study it, or shred it? If it were against a coworker you could not stand in the least, would that make a difference? If you were purchasing something and the salesman left a box unchecked that had a favorable clause for you, he had already signed it on the bottom, would you check ”yes” in the box before you got to the desk of the person double checking and signing off on the deal? You have your final test coming up, you need a great grade to pass the course, you discover your study partner has gotten bootleg copies of the three possible tests the professor could use, do you refuse to use them or study with that person even if it were a friend?

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If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.

Amirite? Anyone?

Is this thing on?

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” discover your study partner has gotten bootleg copies of the three possible tests the professor could use, do you refuse to use them or study with that person…”

At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, or like any goodie two-shoes of your choosing, I hope I’d have the courage to turn-in the cheater.

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^ If I were tight with the teacher, I’d just let them know that I heard a rumour that someone had gotten the question list. Then giggle as the idiots squirm after the prof. changes the whole test format.

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There was a lot of cheating when I was in school. I never really did (explains why I was a B student) and it was the right choice obviously. I remember there was a programming assignment for a course and everyone except myself and two other people turned in the same source code from the teachers solution manual. Guess who got A’s and who got F’s. Guess who still knows how to program that assignment and who never learned.

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Cheating will never give you the satisfaction of achieving success and goals you worked hard to get the results you desire and deserve. I cheated on a couple tests by writing some answers between my fingers and in the end I still graduated with a mediocre GPA.

It was the past 18 years of my life where I busted my ass…said no thank you to vendors that wanted to buy my business and treated everyone around me fairly and led by the example I wanted and expected from others. Today I can enjoy the fruits of my labors with my head held high knowing I did not have to cheat or cut corners to get what I wanted and desired from life.

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If I am in a no win scenario.

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Revenge, and in there’s-no-other-choice situation.

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Other than saving-the-Jews-in-the-basement scenarios, never.

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I cheat in college every now and then. It’s generally when I’m being tested on things I find retarded to be expected to remember, things that no one actually remembers unless they’re using them on a daily basis. IE remembering 40 “common” isotopes or some complex math equations. I’m sorry, but there is no job where your boss will expect you to recite these things from memory. We live in a time period where these can all be easily looked up, in a matter of minutes, if not less. The more important thing is wither or not I can utilize this information, not if I can mindlessly memorize it.

Graphing calculators are a beautiful thing.

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I don’t get into many situations where I would need to cheat, or need to keep my honor. I thought this would be easy to answer, but unless I make some joke about old ass martial art movies where it sounds like two drumsticks slapping one another whenever a person gets punched in the liver, I’m finding it hard to answer.
Drinking problems make you lie to people a lot, about your habits and why you got up so late and everything. At least me, anyways. But I’ve never betrayed anyone into making them give me money or booze, even in my more desperate moments. And there have been plenty.

Closest I can think of. Stealing or cheating was never an option for me when drinking, but lying was, because I didn’t want people to know I had the booze problem. Mostly because I knew some would want to help me out, and I didn’t want anyone to bug me about this. Eventually I did just tell, and people knew then I lied, but sometimes it’s just really surprising, and wonderful, how people will just forgive you and act like fuck all happened. Still got the drinking issue, although I thought, many times that it was over…and I lied about that, too. Except now people know I have this going on, so I can’t weasel my way out of it anymore. But not having to lie and make shit up makes it way easier LOL. Although in my defense, many times when I said I wasn’t drinking, I believed it myself. Somehow though my determination doesn’t really have that much strength haha.

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You are cordially invited to a “special” party, bring your own MILF

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I’ve never cheated on anything or anyone. I think I’d feel really guilty afterward, so I don’t think it’s even worth the trouble.

Is cutting corners the same thing as cheating? If so, I did a lot of that in nursing school – and patients in South Carolina should be forever grateful that I realized the medical field wasn’t for me before it was too late.

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In an involuntary situation where I find myself under threat of physical harm.

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Normally I’d say never, but I’m sure like @gailcalled says, there are a few situations that may force me into an untenable position.

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Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat.

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@KNOWITALL: If you voluntarily chose to lie about any Jews-in-the-basement scenario, it wouldn’t be untenable but problematic and risky, wouldn’t it?

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@gailcalled I think it would be untenable, unable to be defended, don’t you?

They either are in the basement or are not, and if they are there and found you are dead, so pretty much indefensible correct?

Problematic and risky as well I guess.

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Putting aside my moral values and personal ethics, I really can’t cheat. I’m a terrible liar. If I try to lie, my face become a huge, neon light that flashes, “She’s lying! She’s lying!”

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It’s not cheating when it’s the right thing to do.

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@KNOWITALL:I would posit that you make the decision to lie about them because they are are in the basement. Whatever then happens, happy outcome or tragic, is the reality and therefore tenable. If something is untenable, you can’t defend it or justify it. In this case, your choice makes it of necessity defensible.

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edit; eliminate the second “are” in “because they are in the basement._

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Gails just posing a verbage debate, we’re cool.

@gailcalled Hey, I use ‘posit’ all the time, that’s hilarious. If you start using ‘devolve’ I may have to swat you though hahaha

As far as the verbage, I’m sticking with my verbage but fun to discuss- lol

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@KNOWITALL;Moving right along, “verrbage” is not a real word; “verbiage” is. “We are, however, discussing usage and vocabulary and not loquacity or long-windedness. And now I am going to recover from my root canal of this morning.

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@gailcalled I read a lot, so I’m not sure where I picked that up, but for you, I’ll try to add the ‘i’ Feel better, poor thing. :)

Merriam-Webster offers variant pronunciations of verbiage, but does not mention “verbage” as an alternate spelling or as another word.

The definition that describes “verbage” as an assimilation of verbiage with garbage is not worth the consideration of writers whose goal is to write a form of standard English. We already have a wealth of words that can convey the worthlessness of words, one of which is garbage.

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@KNOWITALL: Don’t add the “i” for me. ….verbage” as an assimilation of verbiage with garbage is not worth the consideration of writers whose goal is to write a form of standard English. Define your own goals.

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@gailcalled Well why’d you even bring it up then if you didn’t want me to change, woman?! lol

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