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Why did my letter c not work 15 minutes ago?

Asked by talljasperman (21835points) March 3rd, 2014

I have a laptop corei5 Aspire S3 windows 8.1, and my letter c stopped working for no apparent reason. I did a virus scan and it didn’t find any viruses. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm works for now. I need the letter c for my password, So I could use help in case it happens again.

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It could simply have been something wrong with your keyboard, like a sticking key or something.

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Take the button off and then pop it back in, that’s what I do

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I vote that there are some food bits under the keys. I clean my pc keyboard regularly by turning the laptop off, tilting it sideways, and blowing on the keys with compressed air. It’s amazing how much stuff flies out of there.

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My c key stopped working once, too. Pop it out, blow on the insides and remove any gunk. That worked for me.

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How old is the laptop? Keypads do wear out. When mine went south once, it was first evidenced by a “drifting” cursor on the monitor screen, even though my mouse was perfectly still and I wasn’t operating the joystick or touchpad. Later, as my keypad worsened (and I still didn’t understand what was wrong) my center keys stopped working: in particular, I, J and K started to fail frequently.

At that point I called IT support (it was a work machine), and a half-hour later I had a new and perfectly functioning keypad (the surface under the keys that the keys operate) installed.

Your issue may very well be a foreign object under the key. I’d try @LuckyGuy‘s recommendation as the fix that is least intrusive and least likely to cause damage. Removing keys can be a problem; I’ve seen the attachment parts break as that was attempted.

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