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Do you know about the Yellow Dog Project?

Asked by Cruiser (40398points) March 4th, 2014

The Yellow Dog Project is a nonprofit organization that is a global effort to help raise awareness and education around dogs that require a little extra distance upon approaching. Does this mean that the dog is aggressive or mean? No, there are numerous reasons why a dog may have a yellow ribbon. It may mean the dog is new with the handler, is under medical care, or in foster care for instance.”

I think it is brilliant! My dog is usually very well behaved but she is protective and will react to people who approach us quickly or unexpectedly. This is the first I heard of the yellow ribbon thing and not sure how many other people and dog owners know about this, but just might get one for my little Sadie.

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That would be a great idea for Frodo too if people knew what it meant. He is so cute that people want to approach him and he can be temperamental. I wonder if it will be publicized much.

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I hadn’t heard and think it’s brilliant! My pup is a jumper and until he’s fully trained and a little more mature, he may need a ribbon in public places.

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Cool, thanks!

We adopted a shelter dog last weekend, a largish, one-year-old dalmation/lab/? mix. The shelter people said he’s been good with the other dogs at the shelter, but who knows how he’ll be in other situations. When we meet other dog walkers on the sidewalk, they’ll announce “We’re friendly!”, and I can only answer “I think we’re friendly, but I really don’t know yet”.

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@thorninmud Ever since we got our shelter dog I have taken the time to learn about dog behaviors and it is increasingly clear to me most people and a large portion of dog owners do not know how to great a dog. Leaning down to pet a dog is seen as threatening to all dogs and if not thoroughly trained a dog will nip, bite, jump and bark at this approaching person. My dog still has her moments especially with strangers approaching her and we have to be very strict with allowing people to approach her until she is fully broken of this natural response to strangers. Results are best when people allow her to greet them before petting her. After this introduction she will be all kisses and smiles. So this yellow ribbon could be effective IF more people knew about it.

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@Cruiser Yes, I am learning more about dog behavior with Frodo. My last dog was a Cocker and he was a pussycat (so to speak) but Frodo is a terrier and has issues on top of that. I have a trainer coming who is working with us around resource guarding, greeting people, etc. I could use a yellow ribbon inside the house!

@thorninmud Congrats and best of luck! Keep us posted.

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@janbb Too funny! We hired a trainer for correcting her over aggressive greeting people at the door. He suggested we give her a “place” to sit when someone is at the door. We chose a mat in the doorway to the kitchen where she has to sit yet can still see who is at the door. Once they are in the door and appraised of our training her….we then call her over to “greet” the guest or delivery person…and she will quickly do her once over and then she gets a treat and the guest can choose to greet her in return. Works very well and she gets better each time we answer the door. She still barks like all get out which to me is good…silent dogs do not make good guard dogs.

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I read about this on Facebook. I personally thought it was very clever, so I shared it with a friend at work, but she dismissed it explaining that few people would consider their dogs as aggressive and wouldn’t want to label them that way with the yellow ribbon. I still think is a good idea, but guess some people might get offended by it.

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I always ask a dog’s owner’s permission before petting his dog.

@thorninmud: Picture (and name)?

@janbb: You should probably tie a large yellow ribbon around the entire circumference of your house.

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@ameere Thos dog owners who think their little “poochy poo” is not a problem are the ones I am afraid of most. I have an electric fence and a “beware of dog” sign out in front and some people still walk up to her and try and pet here and others cross on the other side of the street.

Either way I think the yellow ribbon is a great idea and will get one for Sadie and with all the dog walkers in my neighborhood, should serve up some interesting conversations.

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This is my vicious guard dog Sadie who soon will be wearing the yellow ribbon….It might clash with her pink collar

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Yes. I like it in theory as long as people don’t use it as an excuse for their anti social dogs (“no wonder he bit your dog as he was passing a little too closely can’t you see his yellow ribbon?!”) I come across a lot of dog owners that put little or no work into raising their dogs to be well mannered and well behaved and then wonder why their dog is anti social and snappy towards other dogs and/or people. Ideally I would like to see the yellow ribbon used alongside rehabilitation and desensitisation.

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Yep. Got one, too.

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I got a theme song!

“Tie a yellow ribbon round the mean new dog….”

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@Cruiser: A deceptively sweet-looking dog until one notices the death grip her teeth have on that tennis ball and the clear kinetic energy stored in her legs and tail. A Jack Russell?

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@gailcalled “Deceptively sweet-looking dog” – now who does that remind you of?

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^^ Uh, give me some hints please.

Response moderated (Obscene)
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The guy on the right seems to be the scary one. Frodo wouldn’t hurt a fly. “Nice doggie; here’s my ankle. Have a lick.”

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My trainer’s latest theory is that he is herding. (Maybe he read “herding” as “hurting ” in the owner’s manual.) But we digress.

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^^ Maybe you should hire @Cruiser‘s trainer as an expert consultant, if you feel you aren’t spending quite enough money yet.

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This dog could’ve gone to Harvard med school for what I am spending on him.

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@gailcalled Best we can tell is she is a mutt with American Fox Hound possibly some JRT. Her web feet have us leaning towards water dogs like the Fox Hound.

@janbb It looks like the pup in your pic is really trying hard to get at that “bone” in the pic below…wondering what else is in your photo album. O_O

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Are you planning to send that link out to any underage kids?

I thought you might like to know that one of the pics under “others you may like” was a fully naked adult dick in all its glory. Nothing any of us haven’t likely seen before, but some parent might be upset if it’s flashed in front of their 8 yr. old.

Doesn’t that damn site have any sensible filters or common sense?

Oh, cute doggie, BTW :)

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I just read your quip. Cute :)

But perhaps a little too oblique?

I doubt the other pics are from her album, BTW.

Hence my snark about filters :)

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@Buttonstc That is one reason I like Photobucket as they have quality standards in place there and you won’t get “Images You’ll Also Enjoy” with…you know…“stuff” in all it’s glory. o_O

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@Buttonstc @Cruiser First time I’ve used it. Don’t really know much about converting pics to URLs and remembered that site as having been referenced here. I usually just e-mail photos or post them on FB. In fact that picture is my banner there.

If anyone has a problem with it and wants a mod to take it off, feel free to flag. I saw that the whole page came up, but didn’t see what else there.

Ok – flagged it myself.

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@janbb I thought it was pretty hilarious especially with the picture of the pup just so excited! I am still laughing about it! lol!

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When I see that little guy of mine, I don’t see what else is on view. I may be missing out on a lot of “stuff.” Oh my – just looked. He was after a bone, wasn’t he?

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@janbb I am going to have to stop following this Q as each time I open it I am now laughing out loud at work and it is getting me looks from everyone here! lol! Awww…you took down the link! :( lol

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This Q is too funny for words :D

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I saw a pit bull yesterday on the way to work and he had a yellow bandana on. Now I know what it means! This is why I love Fluther!

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