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A question about a teenage male addict ?

Asked by Aster (18319points) March 4th, 2014

Let’s call him “Tom.” If Tom , 15, was expelled for drugs twice from two different schools, was taken to the hospital for an overdose and airlifted to a children’s hospital, refused to see his probation officer or do his community service (for selling methadone to a “friend” and stealing a backpack from a car) , refused to attend school (with his mother’s permission) and today his trailer caught on fire and burned him so his mother took him to the ER will the hospital look up his name on their computer and call either CPS, his probation officer, the police or anyone ? Or will he be treated and released to his mother with no investigation? Tom’s burns cover only his hands and inner thighs.

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I think he wants to be emancipated. He wants his freedom of being an adult at all costs. He doesn’t care about other peoples demands on him while he feels like a prisoner. There is a good chance that when he becomes an adult that he will be in jail, homeless or in a mental hospital. He needs some warning that if he continues with this course of action that he will be in jail or homeless. He needs to know what it Is like…. so that he can reconsider his life.

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The hospital will not call Probation; they will only call Police or Child Protective Services if they suspect abuse. However, the Police will likely be investigating the cause of the fire, along with the Fire Marshall, and someone may come to visit in order to ask questions or take a statement.

This child clearly needs serious help. Hopefully he will get it before things get worse.

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If he was just taken to an ER by his mom, (no police or fire department involvement) and he explains how he was burned in a way that doesn’t raise a red flag, he’ll be discharged to his mom’s care with no referral to CPS. If someone at the hospital doesn’t buy his story, then they’ll report it, and then all bets are off on what happens.

If CPS gets involved, and they see his record, the police will get called and he’ll likely end up at juvenile hall.

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He needs to be in a long term lock down treatment program. Beginning, middle and end. As a juvenile, this will happen anyway.

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