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What does it take to make America truly a great country?

Asked by caijerseyboi (30points) June 30th, 2008

Hey how’s it going. I was just thinking what we as a nation could do to make things right for America and the rest of the world? I mean we say were the best but i don’t see it. The value of the dollar is dropping like a rock in water. Foreign relations are not the best right now. And Americans are so involved in their lives that we can’t see the pains of other countries. I love my country and I have put my life on the line for it. I just want to see America become a place of harmony. Because seriously all the violence, racism, and ignorance that goes on here is getting old.

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In my opinion, these are some things that would make it a much better country:

-Teacher and law enforcement salaries should at least double. This would create a competitive market and weed out the trash.
-More trade schools to create a more skilled workforce. Just because you can’t go to college doesn’t mean you have to be a hobo or work at McDonalds for the rest of your life. You can still contribute to society and retire semi-wealthy…
-More emphasis on learning/embracing other cultures
-Less of an emphasis on Hollywood and the current fake, plastic, sex-obsessed and advertising-fueled culture.
-More (well kept) public parks and recreation areas.
-Pull out of Iraq. With the money saved we could fund so much…I mean come on. 500 Billion Dollars?!?!
-The government should have to balance the freaking budget.

Wishful thinking, to say the least.

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“And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
—John F. Kennedy

Informed, proactive citizens

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Less legislation
More security
allow us to live our lives without
making hundreds of inane laws to dictate our path.

A LOT less spending.
a LOT less special interest influence.
A LOT less funding of “studies”

America is a lovely ship. But all the
massive ,insane over-spending and the hoards of ever- created laws are weighing her down. She is taking on water and hopefully someone in power will remove their head from the clouds long enough to really see where America is headed and correct her path fast.

I love our country but the way our government is spending and the catering to special groups is destroying our economy and ultimately our way of life.

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get rid of the states between Oregon, and Tennessee.

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Understanding of our history. I think we have forgot about the people that fought for our freedoms and what they were fighting for.

To me, being an American means that all people are granted inalienable rights from our creator. I believe as an America with an understanding of this philosophy, it applies to ALL people.
I was taught that all rights derive from property rights. The first property you own when you are born, is yourself. The only thing that limits your rights, is someone elses equal rights.
I believe federal government should be small and protect these rights. I agree with Dog, that there are way too many laws, put in place to “protect” us, which only build up and are eventually used against us.

I believe we need to stop feeding and working for these large corporations. We fuel them, they move to china, and now we are buying products from people who have no rights. If we stay on this path, we might as well bring slavery back, because it is legal for corporations. I think we need to focus on starting more small businesses. The whole idea of the “American Dream,” is to own a business not work for someone.

I believe we need an independently owned media. I think the flow of information to the people is very important. Once corporations get their hands on this entity, they will benefit most from the information put out there. We dont need government to stop them. We need to stop watching and reading them.

Energy independence. By this, I dont not mean to become independent from foreign oil, I mean become independent from big business and government on supplying energy. We need to invest in solar, wind, and hydro power. We must not let the government and big business build large plants. We must individually create and control our own power. If they build plants, we are still controlled by whomever controls the plants.

Food independence. Again, big business and corporations have taken over our food. Now we have no idea what is being put in it, how it is being treated, and now we hear of food shortages. Monsanto corp. is trying to control all of the plant seeds. If you want food with no chemicals, hormones, or preservatives, you have to pay extra for it.

I believe we must be able to easily obtain the necessities of life, not working for someone else, to buy necessities, from someone else. We need to be able to grow our own food, produce our own energy, and have own our own land. I mean own land where you are not taxed on it. If you can be taxed on property, you are in no way free.
If I had $200,000 and bought a house, with a nice chunk of land, for cash, set up-a farm, produced my own solar power, and wanted to live a simple life, Id still have to produce some sort of income to pay my property taxes. Again how does this make me free? Now I have to get a job. Now I have to buy a car, car insurance, pay for gas, pay for income tax, etc. Its a broken system, dependent on us working to feed it, and if u dont….. well throw u in jail. Freedom my Azz.

Simplify the federal government, leave alot of the legislation to the states, so there will be more oversight and checks and balances. Simplify life. Itll make finding the problem and solving it, much easier.

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@dog: do multinational corporations count as “special interest groups?”

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Your support!

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