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What alternatives to Time Warner Internet are there in NYC?

Asked by DrewJ (430points) March 5th, 2014

I deperately need your help. I just moved to NYC and the company I work for is letting me work remotely from home. This means my livlihood depends on my internet connection.

I have Time Warner and it is total garbage. Before you go through all the “have you called them?” – Yes, I have been through it all and they have been TERRIBLE and not helpful. They keep switching their story too and if my service issue stumps them or the agent has no real answer they’ll fall back on “There is a service issue in your area and there is currently no ETA.” – Which is either a total LIE, or is completely true and there is a service issue EVERY SINGLE DAY – I don’t know what is worse but either way this can’t go on.

Verizon, unfortunitley, does not service my area.

What else is there? And what can you guys reccomend I try next? Do I have Any options here or am I totally screwed? I just signed my lease and can’t move.

P.S. It is no my wireless router. I tried TWO difference wireless routers and also plugged directly into TWC’s modem (Which the crooks make you RENT for $5/month)

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