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How long do want to live? What age do you want to die at?

Asked by stevenb (3836points) June 30th, 2008 from iPhone

Given the advances in medicine and science, how long do you think you want to live, and at what age will you be willing to say “Enough, I’m good” at?

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i want to live until i know everything there is to know about everything and anything. including knowing how to speak and write all languages. after that, i will be happy to die.

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Nice one PnL!

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I want to die when I can die happily, knowing that there is nothing more that I want to do with my life.

If I was married and my wife died before me I would not want to live much longer than that.

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If my health was good, I’d want to live forever.

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I want to die when I’m good and ready. When my life feels complete, my relationships are in order, and I’m ready to go.

I hate to say it, but I’m afraid I won’t get there. I have fear about the next few years, and what might happen if the shit hits the fan – oil prices going way up, then food prices – and the basic fabric of society breaks down. That scares me. Not sure I’d make it out of that alive. If our basic transportation systems break down, how would I eat? How would any of us non-farmers?

But if I make it through that time, if it happens, dying old, fat, and happy sounds pretty damn good.

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Once i’ve lived long enough to make up for the resources i’ve used up to be alive. And a little more, of course, so I can ultimately have actually done good.

I don’t want to live so long that i’m using more resources to eek out a few more years than I can possibly make up for later.

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I take life as if it is my last day on earth, so I am ready to die any minute. I know I have done my best to fulfill my life goals and treated others the way I want them to treat me. I am satisfied with what I have accomplished so far. However, if I continue to live for a few decades, I will continue to learn and share what I can without prejudice, always in love.

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Citing Stephen Hawking as my example, I am unwilling to perish before the capabilities of the mind have been exhausted. I really don’t care exactly when; I just hope it isn’t too too soon.
Mr. Hawking, rest assured that you will live long beyond your time on this little planet.

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If I could, I’d live long enough to be able to read every book in the world. As it is, I think I want to live long enough to achieve my goals and make an impact for the better on some peoples lives.

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I want to die behind the at.

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@shrubbery You got to be kidding “I’d live long enough to be able to read every book in the world” You couldn’t even do it even if you live for the next 100 years, could you? Now be realistic at least once! :-)

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I’d be ready to go into the light when my kids are sucessful and somewhat happy and when I can no longer wipe my own butt.

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I’ve crammed a lot of living in my 54 years and for the most part, have had an enjoyable, rewarding life. I’m in no rush to depart from this existence, but unlike most people I know my fate and am thankfully at peace with it. I am a patient with ALS, which happens to be the same disease that afflicts Professor Stephen Hawking, whom Knotmyday cited several posts ago. (i never imagined that whatthefluther {me} and Professor Hawkings would be mentioned in the same breath)! As with the Professor, my condition is of relatively slower progression than most cases and although I no longer work, and can no longer do most physical activities, I continue to enjoy a good quality of life. And, I plan on living as long as that quality remains good and the positive aspects of living outweigh the negative aspects I have been dealt.

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@whatthefluther What would you do if this is not the case: “I continue to enjoy a good quality of life. And, I plan on living as long as that quality remains good and the positive aspects of living outweigh the negative aspects I have been dealt” ?

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I agree with elchoopanebre. I don’t think I can just pick an age not knowing what life will be like for me at that given time.

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I have recently gotten an interestingly different perspective on this watching my 84-year-old mom struggle through a very difficult bout with pneumonia that required a month in the hospital and now ongoing rehabilitation. She told me several times during this period that she was tired. She went into it from a very active, fulfilled life. She does not bounce back the way someone younger would. She is now dealing with wearing diapers, because she can’t walk to the bathroom. She has also told me that she will not go through this again. We expect she will fully recover, but she would welcome death if she got that sick again I think.

It is yet another reminder to me that I need to live every day as fully as possible and embrace all that life has to offer while I can.

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@edmartin101: I will exercise my right to die with my last bit of strength. Method has been well researched and is planned. I can not see myself totally paralyzed and suffocating from a failing diaphragm. And, I can’t see keeping basically just my brain alive on a machine. So, I have a living trust in place to prevent that from ever occurring.

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I couldnt tell you exactly how long i want to live, but i will tell you i never want to be kept alive in a vegetative state on a machine or anything like that. I dont want to be old and unable to do anything anymore. I think once i hit that point its time to go.

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Until I can’t get any higher, reached my peak in mind, body and soul.

Clarity and purity.

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@whatthefluther I totally understand your position and I’m sure I’ll do the same if I was in your position. That’s really thinking ahead, I wish you the best in your life that you may enjoy it to the fullest and never regret a bit.

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Young man kills old man. Night man kills day man. I dont have many expectations. I will be happy with what I get.

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I don’t quite know how to answer this question. On good days, I want to live forever, and on bad ones, I wish I could die tomorrow. I do want to be around to meet my new Grandson when he arrives tho. I hope I am alive and well enough to be able to enjoy some time with him. I want to share in the miracle with my daughter.

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I hope to keep my relationships and finances in good order in case I get my wish for a professional assassination that I don’t see coming. I know I have to die, but I don’t want to know when, even for a second.
It would be nice for me if I could stay in good health till
I’m 80. That would be icing on the cake.
Only problem is, who would bother to sneak up behind an 80-year-old lady with no criminal associations and shoot her dead?

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Got to hire your own, susanc. Take a loan on the whole life and go for it when you are ready.

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Yeah but – if I hire the hit-person, I’ll know it’s coming one day soon, so I lose the element of surprise and substitute an element of dread.
Maybe morphine is the answer. If it’s got to be a non-surprise, it should be pleasant and dreamy.
I am not a Catholic so it’s okay for me to think about this

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I fully intend to live forever, if possible. Oblivion is not an inviting prospect.

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The day after my wife. I would not want her to have to mourn me and I cant live without her.

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@gooch what beautiful sentiment.

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“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.”
Woody Allen

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I want to see my daughter finish college and settle into a happy and fulfilled life. And I’d like to see my grandkids grow up a bit. Then it’ll be time, I suppose.

A psychic once told me I’d live till 82. I told my mom that and she was super pissed off…

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200 at least!!!! Life is good!

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Forever would be fun in a way, but I think the pain of losing all of the people I love, over and over again, would crush me and make me a miserable person who would then wish for death. I would love to be able to recount history to future generations from a first hand account, rather than somebody elses second hand hearsay. I also think that the knowledge you could accumulate would be amazing. Think of all of the languages you could speak, instruments you could play, and lives you could change. I wonder, would the sadness of loss would overpower the joy of learning?

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dont want to seem like (whatever), but all my life i’ve kind of assumed i would kill myself before i get too old, i guess there are lots of reasons, like im scared of dying out of my control from all cancer etc, and it feels/ felt safer if i knew i would be the one doing it.
Also, when i think about getting old, and how you see people (not saying its all like this, its what ive thought in my head cos ive never been there) kind of start to deteriorate and i dont really want to fade out and see myself loose more and more of what i was, i guess im just scared of that too…
Not scared of death as such, but definetley the process of dying and leading up to it out of my control and unexpected.
i think if there was some sort of security as to what was going to happen, it would be easier just to let happen… (?) i dont know
we’ll see what happens =)
what i was saying about getting old and dying, i think maybe im being to pessmistic etc, because i dont know what its like, i assumed it would be depressing and like you could see yourself fading kinda thing, man its confusing =)
i always think, what if i have a sudden heart attack in two minutes or something? (no thanks but) because i know i’m totally unprepared, which is why i guess knowing exactly what’s gonna happen has always appealed (?) to me..

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As long as possible.

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Man, I’m not sure. Maybe my early 60’s? I’m not planning on getting married or having children.

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@meagan: You really should have children.

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@malevolentbutticklish They’re so loud and terrible!

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@meagan: Only other people’s children… not your own :-) Also, I was a well behaved child (as far as my parents were concerned).

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@malevolentbutticklish Agreed.But seeing other people’s children has scared me far, far too much. I’d have to home school. And I’m really not up to that challenge. haha.

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I want to die before I am broke! lol

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I would like to live another 10 or 15 years, but I don’t see that happening. In early 2008, my oncologist said I had about 5 years to live. That was a little over two years ago, so according to her, I have three more years. I refust to accept that, and intend to live at least another five beyond that. But it sure would be nice to stay 10 or 15 more years with my Vicky. : )

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I’m not going to put an age on it, although no man in our family has lived past 85, but as long as I can still do the basics by myself like feeding , bathing , and clothing I will stick around when I have to have someone feed me, clothe me, or clean my pants then I want the hell off this roller coaster.

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I want to live until I’m 70 and married.

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