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So. How is Obamacare working for ya?

Asked by Aster (18187points) March 5th, 2014

Love it or hate it? Is it affordable?

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I am so happy! Not for me, because I already have good insurance through my work, but my son and his wife got a great Humana plan for $52 a month. Before Obamacare, my son was paying $120 a month just for himself, and to add his new wife would have bumped it up to $280 which he couldn’t afford. So when he changed jobs a few months ago, he just didn’t have insurance at all. My other son was continuing to pay $180 a month for himself and his daughter, I told him to go on the marketplace and check if he could get a better deal, but he never got around to it. But, he discovered last night that he gets a nice tax break, at least.

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Best thing since chocolate cream pie! Now if our state can only come up with a Medicaid program…

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My friend says it’s great for him and his wife here in Missouri.
No prescription co-pays at all, and they are getting the medical care they’ve neglected as two part-timers.

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@Skaggfacemutt what does Humana, which we also love, have to do with Obamacare?

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I have some serious dental issues that I couldn’t have possibly afforded to pay for. Under Obamacare I was able to get them classified as medical (since they hamper my ability to eat) and will now be covered for a seriously reduced cost.

We are talking like 15K worth of dental work.

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Funny you should ask. Lucky for me, my employer pays 100% medical for their employees and my husband is insured through his employer for $160/month. However, my dad had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago and is currently uninsured (self-employed), so I was trying to enroll him in a health insurance plan through

Even though their household income (ahem, according to the IRS – don’t get me started) is about $22,000, he did not qualify for a tax credit and a plan that only covers him with a $600 deductible and $4000 out-of-pocket max will run him about $350/month. All I could do was relay this information to my mom, because I know he can’t afford that. It says on the summary report that he can appeal the decision, but I think he’s going to try to get on with our local Blue Cross, which claims that they can beat Obamacare costs. We’ll see.

None of what I said is political in nature. I’m not in any way anti-Obama or anti-Affordable Healthcare Act. I’m only stating my very limited personal experience on the matter.

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@livelaughlove21 You definately want to check with a local insurance broker instead of any one company, they’ll compare costs for your dad’s particular situation.

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My family’s private surgical practice is getting nice breaks because we were already providing our staff with good insurance. My girlfriend was able (after a lot of frustration dealing with bugs), to get a much better health plan and will save over $200/month. I also expect our practice to get more patients since many more will now be insured. Overall, I’m very happy.

@Aster Humana is on the exchange, so people are able to buy private insurance at better rates.

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@KNOWITALL Well I’m not doing anything. I’ve decided that the good deed of helping my computer illiterate and mentally strung-out mother and completely uncooperative father is just more than I can handle. I had to explain what an out-of-pocket maximum was to my mom three times in the same phone call – I just don’t have the patience for it. She’s had insurance through an employer before…this isn’t rocket science. I’ll suggest an insurance broker to her, though I’m sure I’ll have to find a phone number and address for her because she can’t seem to do much for herself these days. Crazy ass woman.

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your friend that live in missouri what health insurance do they have

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I just thought I would add that I actually went in and talked to someone and they pretty much did everything for me. And that includes explaining all my different options. I called and made a appointment and was in and out in under a hour.

The website crap was overblown. There were always real people that could help you.

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I already had Medicare, which is a complete and utter godsend. Before that I bought my own insurance after I turned 55. Before that I didn’t have any. Paid a naturopath for bad care for many years at $40/pop, money down the drain.

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It’s working great for me. The ACA has made it easier for the university to honor its contractual agreements to provide health insurance for all of its employees, which means they have no leverage anymore when they try to (illegally) modify our benefits. Three years ago, I had to sue the university on behalf of the graduate student union to get them to continue paying what they had promised to pay. Now all I have to do is point out that their costs have gone down, meaning they have no reason to try getting out of their contracts.

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It slightly went up for my wife. Full time job, manager at a fashion retail store… She’s actually against it because I think they raised hers by 15–20$ ?

Really good for the poor and the old…

I tried signing up or looking for a plan… but I just can’t afford one. The government seems to think being unemployed means there are no more bills to worry about and I can sign up easily for a 50$ a month premium. That’s rubbish imo. Last year I qualified for my states Medicaid however I wasn’t approved this time a year.

So all in all? I’m still screwed.

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He is never working for me, ever since the day he got elected. I never benefit anything from his plans. He’s there, but he’s like a total stranger to me. Like someone walking in the street, he comes and goes, leaving no impression on me. I don’t care for any of his plans and of course he won’t care for me.

Because I don’t live in the US :D

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I am happy to hear about all the happy stories above and hope more keep coming. That said I am not directly on Obama care as I was able to secure a grandfather clause that allowed me to keep my existing insurance for another year but still cost me another $100.00 per month premium increase plus another $80.00 per month for that re-insurance tax.. My premium for a family of 4 was $1,500/mo and is now $1,680.00.

What is both sad and amusing is today Obama announced yet another delay of the mandate for small businesses to sign up for ACA and we now have until 2017 before we have to comply and sign up. Very little is really working as promised and all these delays are indicative that Obamacare though noble in purpose was beyond shoddy in execution.

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Fine. Our work insurance was good enough that we didn’t have to change anything since it met (and exceeded) the minimum requirements.

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@aster To answer your question, my son went on the insurance marketplace and picked a Humana plan, The plan actually costs $350 a month, but he is getting it for $52 because it goes by your income. This is available because of the affordable care act, right? I don’t profess to know much about Obamacare, but isn’t the whole marketplace thing and subsidized medical premiums part of Obamacare?

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I don’t know yet because I am avoiding it as long as possible. lol

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