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What do you think about overwhelming reaction to John Travolta's dyslexic name mixup ?

Asked by Buttonstc (27569points) March 5th, 2014 from iPhone

It’s still going on…and on and on and on.

How much ceaseless mocking is enough ?

Obviously he’s a big boy and can take it (his apology was pretty clever as well as classy ) and it won’t derail his whole life but what happens to those who don’t have tons of money and fame to insulate them.

This article gave me food for thought.
TRAVOLTA QUOTE: “Travolta said in a statement released Tuesday: “I’ve been beating myself up all day. Then I thought … what would Idina Menzel say? She’d say, ‘Let it go, let it go!’ Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy Frozen took home two Oscars Sunday night!”

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I’m sure that this particular tribulation will only strengthen his character, and give him the impetus and drive to reach the next Operating Thetan level.

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They will be showing this clip for years to come. Jennifer Lawrence fell at the awards last year and Ellen did a 5 minute monologue on it at this year’s awards. Just one of the pitfalls of being a famous person. I really think they should leave it alone, but they won’t.

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This just goes to show all of those people who think the widespread fear of public speaking isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be are full of it!

One mistake causes this reaction? No way, man. I’ll never let you make me speak to the masses.

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It’s like when Robin Hood pointed at the jolly fat monk & asked the prostitute, “do you want to Try A Fuck?”

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So, in essence, mocking someone with a learning disability is just fine if they are a member of a wack-a-doodle religious group?

What about all the dyslexic kids (unaware of what nutty group he belongs to) who are watching this play out and concluding that others are justified in mocking them as well for whichever words they mispronounce?

After all, everybody seems to think it’s just fine and dandy to do so.

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I do think it’s stupid to keep picking on him for every little thing, feed a hungry kid or something, what a waste of time.

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I wonder what would have happened had it been Michael J. Fox (instead of Jennifer Lawrence) whose Parkinson’s caused him to trip ? Would the same hilarity ensue? Hmmm…?

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Finally, something to remove the heat of the public spotlight from poor Blustin Jeibler! ;-)

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@Brian1946 Not true. Just last night Entertainment Tonight (television program in the US that reports on “celebrities” for those that have never heard of this show) showed close up pictures of Justin Beiber’s acne on his face. Very newsworthy.~

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Travolta will never live this blooper down. At work I called a guy “Cob” (his real name is Pock) and I called Geraldine “Gertrude” more than once. Also I’ve accidently renamed a couple other people and my coworkers will never let it go. I know that I have a problem with names but it is far more of a problem for those who just can’t let it go and move on.

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I’m not really sure what the problem is. It isn’t like he called them Hitler.

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@Buttonstc I hate to say it, but I talked to a bunch of people and we can’t stand to watch MJF’s show. It’s disturbing!

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I think we are all so overwhelmed by our own personal problems and the real problems in the world that we make mountains out of the most trivial things to avoid reality.

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The thing I find most disturbing about the current Michael J. Fox show is the piss-poor scripts the writers are putting out :)

If the team from Modern Family or Frasier or Family Ties were in charge, I think it would be a different story all together. And funny to boot.

A sitcom should, above all, be funny. Heartwarming is also a nice added quality, but on its own won’t carry a comedy show.

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The MJF show needs follow Dads and get fucking cancelled ASAP.

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Given the relentless pervasiveness of the public spotlight, I’m sure you’re right about that.

My previous post was not a serious assertion of what I believed to be true. If it was, I would not have used a ”;-)” after it, and I would have at least tried to write the correct spelling of his name.

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Those critics should try making a speech to 40 million people themselves without making any mistakes.

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@Brian1946 I wasn’t being serious either. That’s why I used the tilde.

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@Buttonstc So, in essence—I said nothing of the sort.

He’s part of a cult which denies dyslexia is even real. That could be part of why he’s being mocked.

My interest in celebrities and Travolta is so great that this question was the first I heard of it. I responded to make a quip about his Scientology. I’m sure I’ve somehow offended dyslexic children everywhere and made them upset by this.

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I know Travolta screwed up Idina Menzel’s name royally, but do we know for a fact that he is dyslexic? Or did he just misread the name and having not practiced, just totally screwed it up?

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I guess nobody bothered reading the SHORT article to which I linked in Psychology Today. That’s what gave me food for thought.

And regardless of whether he admits to it or not, that type of pronunciation error is how dyslexics scramble things up. I’m sure this is quite apparent to many besides just me. Any teachers and parents of dyslexic kids recognize it. Denial doesn’t make it disappear. I don’t know whether Travolta is in denial or not.

As I said, this won’t derail his life but I’m always curious about what prompts the mass savagery which the populace at large visits upon those who commit the fatal error of being human in public view and why some are spared and others are not. Who decides and based upon what ?

Human nature can be especially fascinating in these times.

I’m so so glad I wasn’t born a dyslexic.

And BTW Justin Bieber wasn’t born a douchebag. He deserves every bit of the scorn heaped upon him because he decided to try to be cool by emulating the rapper thugs he hangs out with. Instead he just ends up looking ridiculous.

But that was due to his choice.

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It is so stupid. All sorts of people in the business of speaking publicly, say “Yer” instead of “Your”, “Arz” instead of “Ours”, leave out “Ts” like with “Bu-un”, “Cur-un”, and switch “Er” for “Re” as in, “It pervents stuff from leaking.” Nobody says anything about constant stupid misuse of the language, but let some guy have an accidental tongue spasm, and gawd, they have pitchforks.

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