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Any other known ways of relieving a headache?

Asked by jeremy0207 (202points) March 5th, 2014

I would like to know other ways or methods of relieving a headache. These can be things that have worked for you, your friend, family, etc. other than just taking a pill, or waiting for it to be ‘gone’. Thank you!

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Caffeine actually helps a lot. So does water. My aunt (a registered nurse) says that most headaches are due to dehydration. I tend to believe her. Normally when I get one I chug a liter of water and take a nap for a hour. When I wake up I am fine.

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Lots of water, and I like a dark quiet room. Some people say mj helps, too.

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If I normally drink caffeine but then skip it, and suspect that is the cause of my headache, I will drink something caffeinated.

If I suspect dehydration or high sodium intake is the cause, I drink a lot of water.

In those cases, a cold compress on the forehead seems to help.

If I suspect sinuses are the culprit, heat and or massage to the sinuses helps. I will also take decongestants then. Hot soup or tea, or a nice hot shower also loosen things up and relieve some of the pressure.

If I think it’s a migraine, then I hit it with caffeine and water, and find a dark, quiet place to retreat. Friends with bad migraines say that plunging their feet into ice water helps, because all the blood rushes away from the head to the feet.

For all of the above, I will take one extra-strength Tylenol (acetaminophen) and one Advil (ibuprofen). These medications treat the pain and effect the body differently (including side-effects). I figure a half-dose of each isn’t as harmful as a full dose of one, having that be ineffective, then having to take the other. It is rare that I take a second half-dose.

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Caffeine works a ton!

However I would recommend these methods first.

I like to believe the more oxygen in my body the better off I have a chance at fending off the headache.

1. Give yourself ten minutes.
2. You can lay down, or put your head down (yes like we are in elementary all over again)
3. Close your eyes and take 20 deep breathes. Rub your eyes after 20 breathes. And do it again. Your mindset will become relaxed because you are engaging in a physical relaxation. Try loosening your neck. Do a couple neck roles. (Slowly!) Stand up and reach over and touch your toes stretch. Feel your shoulders loosen up as you reach toward the floor.

Massage here the back of your head

Massage this area of the upper back

Also this area of the neck

I personally also like to massage my entire scalp. Just rub your fingers through your hair and squeeze the scalp off the skull (ok it sounds nasty but its basically like pinching any other part of your body)

These methods target many places that may stir up better blood flow and release feel good hormones because a lot of places are being stimulated.

This stuff works for me 80% of the time which is pretty good I’d say.

It’s also the mindset. If you know you have a heavy task (AKA BURDEN haha) ahead of you, get your mental strength on fight mode. Tell yourself, you’re going to knock this one out of the ball park. If you are working on a project that you know will take several days this could also weigh heavy on your mind.

Try writing the overall goal down, and chip away at it and also take notes and try to evaluate percentage wise where you think you are with the project. This stuff may sound candid and made up but my journalism professor preached compartmentalism really hard and that everything should be written down.

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Fresh air. Food, sometimes.

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Peppermint your temples and neck. If it’s pure you can also put a few drops in water.

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For me, it’s usually dehydration or low blood sugar. Eat protein and drink water. Take ibuprofen, if necessary. Go in a dark room and take a nap.

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One time a friend of mine told me to eat a piece of candy. He said that often a headache is caused from low blood sugar. Surprisingly, it works a lot of the time.

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