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Care to share some funny text message misinterpreting experience?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14653points) March 5th, 2014

Partly inspired by this.

Many people love using txtspk while texting. But unfortunately not everyone can interpret those txtspk correctly, therefore misunderstanding can happen sometimes. Do you have any experience like that?

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Symbeline don’t text.

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Jack off 4 skin cream cum soon.
My friend Jack is going to the chemist to pick up my skin cream, he’ll not be long.

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@ucme I’m getting horny :D

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My friend’s 14yo son texted her to ask if he could microwave some leftovers. She texted back ‘micro 4 1 min’. 20 minutes later he smelt a smell and had enough good sense to open the microwave and take out the charcoaled remains of the leftovers…leaving 21 minutes left on the microwave clock.

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Mom and I were comparing dinner menus. She texted that she was “Making runs casserole.” She misspelled tuna and auto-correct changed it to runs.

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Why don’t people look their stuff over before they send it?

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I have to watch out for one-letter mishaps like now/not.
“I am leaving now” => “I am leaving not” messes up communication big time.

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My phone is fubarred when it comes to text. I don’t have autocorrect enabled. It’s not a smart phone, it’s just a flip. When I text I have to push the #2 key three times for the letter C. Well, the phone has a mind of it’s own. Sometimes it will skip past a letter or not skip to the next letter. Right after I got it I took it back in to complain. All the gal (a young thing) did was take my phone and proceed to type out a text really, really fast. I got the distinct impression she wasn’t as interested in trouble shooting my phone as she was in showing this “old lady” how fast she could text. I wanted to slap her. I was working in the industry when texting was invented, when she was about 3 years old!
After her “demonstration” she handed the phone back and said, “Works for me!” I doubt that she even looked her work over for the errors I KNOW were in there.
So, yeah. It takes me longer to compose a text than it normally would because I’m trying to read, edit and text at the same time.

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