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What are some group therapy exercises/activities?

Asked by give_seek (683points) March 5th, 2014

I’m looking for positive, fun, upbeat and engaging group therapy exercises and activities. So far, what I’ve found on the internet seems to cause people to stay in their fears, reflect on their fears, talk about (dwell on) their fears. I’m hoping to help people look forward to (and take action to create) better futures for themselves.

Suggestions on actual exercises or resources are welcome! Thank you.

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Are you a licensed therapist?

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@gailcalled Not yet, but I’m in school and currently an intern.

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Perhaps look up some goal oriented therapies like CBT.

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I think that CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy can have some positive and fun elements. Research the basis of CBT and see what you can come up with. Perhaps using positive word games – played in group where individuals have to identify a positive characteristic about themselves and go around the group. Then have the group come up with a positive opinion on group members’ individual characteristics? CBT is a form of retraining the brain to thinking positively and adaptive, instead of thinking negatively and maladaptive. Good luck!

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Thank you @LornaLove and @sujenk7422. Great suggestion with CBT.

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My husband is a licensed therapist and he has two groups (both for drug addiction) that he works with weekly. He does activities and he also has a book that is full of different activities. I’ll ask him when he gets home.

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