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Can you guys suggest a free website for self-improvement?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) March 6th, 2014

I want to gain confidence and leave my old habit of procrastination and a constant state of indecisiveness. Would you please suggest a few websites for that. I would be obliged.

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If I may, I would strongly suggest that the first step in avoinding procrastination is getting off the computer, standing up and doing one thing, even if it is flossing your teeth while sitting on the toilet (well, that’s two things). I do balance and posture exercises while washing dishes.

What’s an example of being indecisive? What is one specific area where you would like to be more productive? (Remind yourself, also, of just how much unproductive time you spent on the issue of the unresponsive guy. Budget your fantasy and daydreaming time, perhaps).

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I recommend this website. Tons and tons of experience here. Oh and its free!

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I like the Lifehacker site.
Are you a perfectionist? Do you always like things to be “perfect”? A procrastination expert (his name escapes me at the moment) once said that more often than not procrastinators are perfectionists. They want things to be perfect, they wait for the perfect moment, they want to do a perfect job. So they procrastinate. After procrastinating long enough, however, they run out of time to do a perfect job on that particular task (whatever it was). So they plow through and do the best they can under the circumstances (shortened time schedule). So the procrastination was really to give themselves permission to do a less-than-perfect job. But this less-than-perfect job is in most cases good enough and more than adequate.

Someone else said, “Perfectionism is the enemy of good enough.”

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Correction to @2davidc8‘s incorrect link above:

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