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Is my mom oblivious to good music?

Asked by Souljacker (70points) March 6th, 2014

It might seem as a teenage’s rant on his mom not understanding her son, but in this case I feel like I can’t seem to relate to my mom with my music. For example, she sometimes pretends to appreciate my music but 2 hours later she blatantly requests it to be turned off, the drums were too loud.

She is a hardy women in general. Majority of her teens were spent on her education, doing homework and studying for exams, but the lack of music seems detrimental to me.

To provide more context here, here are a few songs she thinks are “trashy” or “not impactful”.

Wonderwall – Oasis
Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2 (the one with the drums)
Say It Ain’t So – Weezer
The Universal – Blur

Yet she likes…

Here Comes The Sun – Beatles
and pretty much any Bollywood themed song, no matter how many times they say “sexy” in an Indian accent. (I’m Indian).

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There is no such thing as “good music”. You either like a song or you don’t.

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In that case why would she act as if though she likes my music? Or to go far enough as calling it “trashy” or “good”?

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Play her that & wear a huge smile throughout, oh the irony.

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@ucme How fitting. Well played, well played.

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Check out that version of Wonderwall haha.

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It’s entirely a matter of taste. (For instance, I’m not exactly enamored of your choices.)

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Why not look for the music that you both share an enjoyment of and listen to that together? Then play your own music more quietly on your own time in your own room. It sounds like she is trying to share your taste but doesn’t fully.

My kids and I enjoyed plenty of music together and some (Alice in Chains, i.e.) we agreed to disagree on.

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Maybe she’s kind enough to tolerate it for a while. I didn’t really care for most of the songs my kids played, but there were a couple I liked. Like this one

And This is one of my all time favorites….to my 10 year old grand daughter’s amazement! :D

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Its all a matter of personal taste and the culture in which one is raised. She doesn’t like your music, you don’t like hers. It’s not really that much to do with age (for the record I’m 47 and U2 is still one of my favourite bands of all time).

She likes the Beatles and Oasis are very heavily influenced by them, so she might like some of the more “quality” stuff from Oasis, like Champagne Supernova. Or some of U2’s newer stuff like Sweetest Thing or Beautiful Day. Or, for that matter anything from The Johsua Tree which (IMO) is the best work they ever did.

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As stated several times, it’s a taste thing. People like things and dislike others. Maybe she enjoys your music, but it gets on her nerves after a while. I love Cradle of Filth, but after two hours of screaming and screeching, I do want to turn it off.

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Generation gap. Haha
Now, I loved a lot of the 90’s music, and my daughter who is 26 likes classic rock but, I do not like rap, and various other genres. Ya gotta meet in the middle. Besides, as we get older we do tend to like silence more. I still can rock out in my car from time to time or enjoy some loud music when I have a few drinks but with age comes a love for peace and quiet. lol

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I’m with the other Jellies, and my personal philosophy on that is that no one should ever be judged for their taste in music, because music is such an intensely personal thing for so many people.
As @hominid said, there’s no such thing as “good music”, just what you consider to be good and speaks to you. Likewise, there is no “bad music”.

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@Souljacker By the way, nice to see some classic U2 in there.

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I really pick and choose. I can like one song from a certain group, but nothing else they’ve done. I can’t tolerate my son’s music, but then he likes Dethklok and other such noise explosions. There is one song we both like, and that is “Coming Down with the Sickness.”

My granddaughter and I both like “Dem Jeans” and “Sexy and I Know It.”

I also like “What Does the Fox Say.” But if it wasn’t for my kids and grandkids, I probably would have never heard these songs. They are always playing songs for me to see if I like it. They don’t take it personally if I don’t.

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Anything is good music compared to the “rap” that comes out these days. And that’s my opinion. Two cents have been deposited.
But am I really the only person in this world who isn’t a fan of U2?

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@dxs: “But am I really the only person in this world who isn’t a fan of U2?”

Nope, but it’s just you and me. I am, however, the only person alive who hates the Beatles.

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@hominid Yes, sir, you are.

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I have played mostly hard rock my whole life and for the most part my folks indulged my need to play music loud. But it came down to a time and place. I mostly jammed it out after school before my dad came home and then it was headphones time.

Now my kids kinda do the same especially my son who is a drummer and no matter how good he may play…even playing his electric set with headphones on can be rather annoying. So I see it as a timing and volume issue. Loud music no matter how good can be disturbing to others at the wrong time of the day.

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We went on a car trip to Seattle. 3 day drive. Had to listen to a LOT of country. “Joline, Joline, Joline, Joooliiiine!” However, occasionally we were able to listen to some BTO. It was the only music of mine my folks could stand.

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One word: Headphones. My music would drive my mother insane if I played it loud. She’s probably trying to be a good sport, saying she likes it, but it eventually gets to her.

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@Souljacker Your taste in music isn’t an objective measurement of what’s good. There’s no such thing. Those are only your subjective likes and dislikes.

For instance, the songs you listed remind me of the guys who lived in my college dorm in freshman year. If you’re a teenager, maybe you haven’t met these guys yet, but you will. They’re a fixture of dorm life. They were the dudes who, like, wore flip-flops with cargo shorts in all seasons, called you “bromigo” or “broseph stalin,” and had two posters on their door (scarface and Bob Marley.)

Not that any of that’s BAD- the “beer me, bro” dudes were pretty nice guys. None of those songs are bad. To me, they’re just kind of “meh.” Like, maybe I wouldn’t change the channel if it came on, but I wouldn’t actively listen to them. But I like classic oldies and beardy, sensitive singer-songwriter type guys, which is my subjective taste. Also, Here Comes the Sun is a pretty bitchin’ song.

If you play your music out loud in the car at home, and your mom lets you do that for two hours, she’s being considerate. She’s being nice to you because it makes you happy. Consideration has to go both ways, and it’s pretty annoying to do something nice for someone who doesn’t appreciate your gesture. Give her a turn or get some headphones.

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@dxs I can’t stand U2 either.

@Souljacker I don’t really care for the songs you listed as “good” music so can understand why your mum isn’t that keen (and, hopefully, I am quite a bit younger than your mum!) I think it is very common for young people to be convinced that their parents don’t know what “good” music/fashion sense/films etc etc is/are but, as Billy Joel (who I am a big fan of) said “we didn’t start the fire”. I find that song quite humbling as it reminds me that no generation are the first to experience true “good” or true “bad” whether that is current events, music, fashion, whatever. That’s my interpretation of it anyway. If you have kids someday, they will probably think that you don’t understand good music (or anything else) and you may even find yourself trying to tolerate their music for short periods of time like your mum is, just to be open minded to their tastes and show them some support. I think that is a good thing.

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