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Have you heard of this great solution for in house mosquitoes?

Asked by Aster (18381points) March 6th, 2014

My father bought a bug zapper but not those huge ones used outdoors. He found a small one; I’d say 14” tall. It has a loop on top (the whole thing is black plastic except for the bulb inside) and he hung it up on a floor lamp. Every minute you’d hear ZAP as a mosquito would go towards the light. If you have just one flying around your ear in your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep, simply plug one into a wall outlet and in less than 10 minutes it’s gone. Ever heard of that?

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Nope, I use spiders.

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“It is only when a mosquito lands on your testicles that you realize there is always a way to solve problems without violence.”

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TV lamps used to serve much the same purpose when I was a kid. Not only did they prevent us from going blind watching TV in the dark, but they regularly filled with fried bugs.

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I’ve considered trying the handheld version, which resembles a badmitten raquet. I believe they are called battery operated flyswatters.

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I have had a small zapper that was possibly one step up from that one you’ve described. It has an UV light and zapper. It did seem to work – there were plenty of dead bugs at the bottom of it. I wouldn’t put it on at night as the light would disturb me. My husband wasn’t convinced it worked so he kept turning it off so I kind of stopped using it. I will try it this summer and report back :-P

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We put ours in the master bath with the door mostly closed. In that way, the light doesn’t bother us much. But , then, we only have a few mosquitoes here so in the middle of the night I unplug it. I do not have the alertness, the vision or the marksmanship to be scanning a room floor to ceiling for mosquitoes at 2am but if it works for younger people I say go for it.

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