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I need help on an English Project!

Asked by laura98 (191points) March 6th, 2014

I have to make a facebook for one of the characters from the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. My partner and I picked Mr. Utterson. He is a very dull/ serious lawyer, yet is somehow lovable. He is very kind to friends and is highly respected. How would I write a current status update for him? I have to say what is on his mind/or what he is currently doing and it has to pertain to his traits. I am just clueless. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Have Mr. Utterson’s facebook page centered around his recent trip to the Sochi winter Olympics with a bunch of selfies at various events and with athletes. Then he can bitch and moan about coming home from his trip to find the toilet has overflowed and he now has to replace all the carpet in his flat.

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While I know the story, I’m not familiar with the book or the character Mr. Utterson but I do know a couple lawyers. How about something on the lines of dusting his law library books, and came across an exiting law about reckless disregard. Or maybe he’s finally learned to say the Hippocratic oath backwards.

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Can you do a similar thing to Flat Stanley, if you’re familiar with him?

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I think this is a great assignment.

His FB page would have a lot of friends, but since he is not given to spreading gossip or even understanding the crazy things he sees, he would be telling people to keep a level head about these unusual things, and not to go casting blame or doubt on others. He saw some serious shit, but he still looked for an answer he could make sense of.

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I too, do not know the character, even though I’m aware of the story. However, if he is a dull lawyer type, I should think that his many friends would be actually business associates; Judge whoever, a couple of other lawyers, a law clerk, a law student who kisses up a lot, by “liking” everything he posts. His family should include a deceased Barrister, a sister who lives in Whales now, and a beagle. He should be following at least one law school, the royal family, the Beefeaters, and a quiet little pub.
He should post daily reports of events at the market, such as who was caught counterbalancing their scale innacurately, who was kind enough to purchase goods for dear old Widow Baker and deliver them to her door.
His exciting entries should be limited to such things as trying a new recipe, and being quite pleased with the results.

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His facebook page would be full of people trying to get free legal advice. You could make up some hilarious scenarios around that.

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Great assigment!

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