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What is your favourite Dylan song?

Asked by yannick (985points) July 1st, 2008

There are definitely enough to choose from…

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Out of the few that I know, Blowing in the Wind is my favourite.

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There is so many…I’ll go with “Tangled Up in Blue.”

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“With God on our Side” from the album “The Times They Are Changing [UK]”. It’s very poetic and it has such a strong, if somewhat ironic, message.

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“Just Like a Woman”; It speaks the truth

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I’m with whatthefluther, “Tangled Up in Blue” with “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall“coming in a close second.

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When the Ship Comes In

Like a Rolling Stone

Song to Woody

Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right

For the most part, though, I tend to prefer his earlier more folk-ey harmonica stuff.

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Ballad of a Thin Man and Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues, can’t choose between them.

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Blowing in the Wind

Still relevant today.

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Too many to choose. Today, I’ll go with “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol.”

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A Hard Rains A-Gonnna Fall beautiful poetry

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Impossible to pick a favorite song when its someone who has so many amazing songs so heres some of my favorites
Blowing In The Wind
The times they are a changing
Mr Tambourine Man
I want you

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Stuck inside of mobile with the Memphis blues again
like a rolling stone

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All of Blonde on Blonde!

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Idiot Wind
Visions of Johanna
Tangled Up in Blue
Simple Twist of Fate
Desolation Row
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
Positively 4th Street

All masterpieces.

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Who is Bob Dylan? ;)

well I sing several myself, and only recently added “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” to my repertoire, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite to listen to, it’s just fun to sing and people like it. I also like singing “I Want You”.

I like his whole last album, and I think he’s actually getting better these days, if only because he can afford to hire better musicians and get the job properly done (as opposed to himself and a guitar in the early 60s). “Spirit on the Water” and “The Levee’s Gonna Break” are among my favourites.

But my all-time Dylan classic is “Bob Dylan’s 114th Dream” which has the wittiest line I’ve heard in a song:

I decided to toss a coin, like either heads or tails,
To see if I was going back to the ship or back to jail
So I looked into my sailor’s coat and I found a coin to flip
It came up tails, it rhymed with sails, so I went back to the ship.


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Positively 4th Street
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

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Tangled up in Blue

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“Tangled up in Blue”

Jinx ;-).

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@Brian1946 hey but it got me some lure! LOL! Plus I really like that song.

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