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How do I create a small terrarium?

Asked by LostInParadise (23624points) March 7th, 2014

I have searched the Web and Amazon and would like more complete instructions. I am not a terribly good gardener and would like to know step by step how to set up a terrarium. The main requirement is that it be as nearly foolproof and easy to maintain as possible. The container will be small and will use direct sunlight from a window. The plants should be slow growing. Flowering plants would be nice but from what I have seen are probably not suited to a terrarium. I am thinking of using just two different plants. Please include a list of plants that can be grown together.

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Any low to medium light plants work well in a terrarium. You probably don’t want it in direct sunlight as it may get too warm. I made several out of larger wine bottles. I used a funnel to get the potting soil in, then used two of any long thin skewers to position the plant cuttings in the soil. Low light to get the cuttings established, then brighter light. And it was zero maintenance.

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If you’re going to have it in bright light, you will need to water it more often, unless you have a cover; and if it has a cover you will get condensation on the inside, and you will need to periodically take the cover off for awhile. A mini African violet could work in a small terrarium… do you have a gardening center you can go to, with staff knowledgeable about house plants? The single most important thing IMO is to use plants with the same requirements.

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Here’s a link from a garden center I like.

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