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Opinions on Adventure?

Asked by jhodgkins (45points) March 7th, 2014

Every year a group of 5–6 guys venture out on a 5–6 day adventure trip. We have done 360 mile bike rides, 5 day canoe trips, hiking/mountain biking in Utah and kayaking in Maine. There are two options on the table this year. Hiking the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier ( and or a cycling the coast of Oregon ( I would love to hear your opinions!

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I vote the cycling trip. It just seems it allows more room for variety of experiences.

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I like both backpacking and cycling tours, and I’d give cycling a tiny edge because you can change your itinerary pretty easily as you go along..

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I was up in Washington 2 summers ago and thought it was so beautiful. Even though it was July much of Mt. Rainier was still closed because of snow. Even so my vote would be for the Mt. Rainier trip. Then I would make sure to drive west to Bellingham and get some of he best oysters you will ever eat. While there you could rent some kayaks on Lake Watcom….beautiful lake!

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Oregon coast.

there is a kayaking trip up the coast of Alaska that involves a company transporting your luggage to Bed and Breakfast locations up the coast. You just paddle and then have a nice cozy place to stay with a hearty breakfast each morning. If you’re interested for another year I’ll track down the company.

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It’s difficult call but I would do the Wonderland trail. It is beautiful and more of an adventure than the cycle route.

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I’m with @flutherother, I’d rather relax and enjoy.

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It would seem to me that the cycling trip would be less prone to problems. (Injuries, disruptions that kill the trip because of bad weather…) And it would allow you to stop at small, picturesque towns along the way…

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