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What is one word that describes, "Pale Blue" ?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) March 7th, 2014

Looking for a word that describes this color.

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Tarheel Blue or Carolina Blue

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I actually don’t think you’re going to find a single word that will do better than pale or light blue. It narrows the range, but still allows endless variety, and blue requires an adjective to accomplish this.

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It is here somewhere.

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Second azure

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The trouble with describing colors is that it is impossible. What color is “blue”? How much white do you have to add to it to make it somewhat pale, pale, very pale, or extremely pale?

Use paint chips or crayons.

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Periwinkle is more of a purple-blue. Alice Blue or Powder Blue are good ones, but not one word.

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Ice or icy.

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Ahem…periwinkle is more purple than blue, and it’s certainly not pale. Cerulean is also not pale, nor is azure or cornflower.

Pale blue is sometimes described as “baby blue” or sometimes “sky blue,” which I don’t think is too accurate either. I think “powder blue” and “light blue” work just fine. What’s wrong with just saying “pale blue?”

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I have to agree that @Skaggfacemutt‘s azure is best, then I’d go with @zenvelo and cerulean. Anything else is too much of a stretch is you’re seeking one word.

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I like Ice. Like you have beautiful ice blue eyes. Or Piercing.

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In the list that I gave above, the color they call celeste comes closest to my idea of pale blue. The problem is that nobody would know what you were referring to. The browser dinged me for a spelling error when I entered it.

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EveryotherresponseinFluther (like this one).

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That color look rather like “Pickle-juice-on-the-icebox” to me @CWOTUS?

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There are two words for blue in Russian. Light blue is goluboy dark blue siniy.

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Not what you would call a word but #ADD8E6

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^^ The winner, with “goluboy” a close second.

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periwinkle haters

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