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How do I retrieve Outlook Express Address Book and e-mails from an old HDD to a new one? The old HDD is connected to new computer via a magic bridge. OS Windows XP Pro.

Asked by Terryd (26points) July 1st, 2008


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Your address book is typically located in
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\
Mail will be here:
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{FAD5C3AB-9DA6–4DA6–80CB-9D09895E33A7}\Microsoft\Outlook Express\

Replace ‘User’ with your own username. You might need to adjust your folder settings to see the locations:
My Computer ->
Tools ->
Folder Options ->
View ->
Select Show hidden files and folders.

Your address book will end with .wab, and the e-mails with .dbx. The easiest way of copying them over is probably to search for them. Just copy the entire content of the two folders (which will delete the mail on the current system). Afterwards you will need to rename the .wab file to your current Windows username if it differs from the last one, ie. terryd.wab

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