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Opinions concerning the quote " birds of a feather flock together"?

Asked by zander101 (630points) March 8th, 2014

What is your opinion concerning the above mentioned quote, and do you feel that it resides through an objective frame of thought or resides in a subjective frame of thought?

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is this some sort of team work quote? like a bird can still exist without it’s feathers can still come together to be warm? LMAO who knows man.

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It is not subjective, I have actually seen people of the same mindsets being together quite often.

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Not so much a quote, more a puny cliche.

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It is true. In general, living things behave in manner that increases their DNA’s chance of survival. They look for food, shelter, opportunities to mate, and avoidance of predators. Now let’s look at birds. Some have short beaks; some have long beaks; some eat insects; others eats seeds. If a field has an abundant source of seed, the seed eating birds will congregate there. Whe the food is gone the birds will take off and fly to another field. larger birds might get there first or travel farther. Similar sized birds will fly at a similar pace and for a similar distance. Simple minds, following simple rules results in similar creatures being in the same place at the same time – flocking together.

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Ditto @LuckyGuy I’m looking out my window right now and there is a very serious muder of crows lined up along the fence across from a horde of seagulls along the eave of the barn laughing away at them, and there are two woodstorks off by themselves by the cane. I hear finches above me who are probably hanging on the gutter. They are all waiting for the sun to get a little higher before thay start their foraging and play.

Its the same with people. It’s hardwired behaviour. The downside is that the world has become one big crowded neighborhood and the weapons are horrendous, so we must,ignore our primal defensive urges, learn to cooperate, and share resources. This situation is forcing us to go beyond our comfort zone as clans and tribes and nations to become more enlightened, rise above our instincts and develop compassion and universal awareness. The reward is survival. We don’t have a choice.

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I think that it is a whisper of wisdom that can keep you out of trouble. For example, if you are hanging out with bad company ie, friends who are robbers or bandits the police can arrest you even though you are not a bandit. The police can arrest you just for being in that company. So what that saying is actually telling you is watch the company that you keep.

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In general, we do tend to hang out with compatible people with similar views and tastes, or at least, I do.

Clich├ęs always arise from necessity.

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As a generalization it’s true. As we all know, not all generalizations are always true though. Look at people in the same career line, or groups of friends, there usually are outward cues that lets us know they belong to that group. Clothing styles can be preppy, motorcycle, edgy, ratty jeans and t-shirts, designer jeans and t-shirts, polished, revealing, modest, etc.

People with similar interest tend to get together also in groups. Church groups, social groups, people who like to fish, race, travel, have young children, like the arts, and so on.

When you look at someone do you kind of size up whether they are likely similar to you? It’s not a good way to go in my opinion. If yiu never talk to the people who don’t look like you you can miss out on a lot of gat people, and you can miss people who actually are very similar. But, I think people do it, especially young people.

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Curious, but nearly every proverb has its opposite. For this one it’s “Don’t judge a book by its cover” Then there’s “He who hesitates is lost” and “Look before you leap”

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Yes, it is cliche for like minded people flocking with other like minded people. Birds of feather, means like attracts like.
Marathon runners do not hang out with overweight smokers.
Ponies don’t race with Thoroughbreds and draft horses are not yoked with donkeys. lol

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Opposites attract.

Cliches are like proverbs: there’s one for every occasion and they are ope to interpretation.

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It’s true, but rather trivially so. If a group of people doesn’t share anything, then its members have no reason to remain a group.

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It is far easier to communicate with someone if you speak the same language, have the same belief system, and know the same background information. Less energy is wasted on the overhead.

By the way, birds are not the only critters that flock together. If the conditions are right for one member of a group they are most likely right for two, and three, etc. – from paramecium to piranha to people.

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If the group stays together assumming that everyone in that group progresses at the same rate ?
And If the group remains unchanged ak=lways doing the same things…who grows?
one would want to grow and develope further,right?
If not then their is a break up.
A seed does not stay a seed if it were to one day become a mighty oak.

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I like diversity in my friendships lot’s of people made a friend of me, not the other way around, so I reckon the saying is not objective nor abstract.

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@LuckyGuy Ahh ok I get it now. Kind of how Delores park is filled with, “extremely trendy young adults”

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@pleiades Exactly. Anyone there can mention hunky Jesus and the others would instantly understand and nod in agreement. People here in NY would say, “What?”

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I’ve seen references to this idea dating back to Homeric Greek. I can’t access the Greek character set with my phone, but the literal translation is :
Similar (things) are friendly to similar (things).
_Like likes like.

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@pleiades Likewise, around here manly tumescence can be induced by merely mentioning the words “Storm 3090 XP”.

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@LornaLove But you must have either interests or values in common with your friends, or else what would keep you together? People don’t stay friends with those they find boring and repugnant unless some external force is keeping them together.

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Surely it should be ‘birds of a fluther’.

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I’m a dirty bird right now. Hugging the geese and I have been muddied holding them close after a dip in the pond. lol

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@flutherother Birds of a fluther fluck toguther?

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Its generally true. People seek out others that support their personal biases.

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