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So what bad/forbidden/unhealthy food were you craving over this last week?

Asked by Kardamom (30045points) March 8th, 2014

And did you eat it? If so, how did that make you feel? Was it satisfying? Did you feel guilty?

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One of my friends mentioned that she had found Lays Cheesy Garlic Bread Chips. I love cheesy garlic bread, but I almost never order it at a restaurant, and I haven’t purchased or eaten store bought commercially produced potato chips in ages (although I have been making my own fresh potato chips, both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes, in the Microwave)

2 nights ago, I had to stop to get gas, and there were those chips. I was super curious, so I bought a small bag. When I got home I ate a few of them. They tasted fine, but didn’t seem particularly cheesy, and I could not discern any garlic flavor. The bag is still sitting in my kitchen. I may or may not finish them. They weren’t awful tasting, but they were definitely not the flavor of real cheesy garlic bread. So I was kind of disappointed.

And then I felt a little bit guilty, because I simply am not a person who buys and eats potato chips from the store, they’re just not good for you. When I make my own fresh chips at home, which is not very often, I am in control of the additives I put on them, which is only olive oil and a pinch of Kosher salt. No preservatives or added chemicals.

Now I kind of feel like a dope for spending money on those chips, that I knew weren’t good for me, and didn’t taste the way I expected them to. Today, I’m going to cook healthy, like I usually do.

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I don’t forbid myself any foods, and I rarely get cravings. When I do, I presume it is because my body is wanting something in it, and so I typically indulge it.

A few winters ago, I got a cold – I typically get one or two colds a year, since I’m exposed to tons of germs by working in an ENT office – but this time I craved pink grapefruit juice something fierce. I would stop at the Acme every morning on my way to work that week and buy a quart of pink grapefruit juice. This had not happened ever before or since. Sure, it makes sense that my body wanted the benefit of Vitamin C in citrus fruits, but I’ve never craved any of them before. I drank a lot of OJ when I was pregnant 20 years previously, but even then it wasn’t a strong craving, and I didn’t get any strange food cravings during pregnancy at all.

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@hearkat I LOVE pink grapefruit juice!

I never really had cravings before, until this last year. I turned 50 and have been having the symptoms of peri-menopause. So about once a month, I get a craving for something, and it’s for different things each time. The cravings seem to come out of nowhere. Sometimes they’re for bad things like nachos, but more often, they’re just for something very specific that’s healthy enough, but I just gotta have it. Last month it was Brussels sprouts. Another one I’ve had recently was for Swiss cheese, another one was for kimchi, but then I had one for Starburst candy, something I hadn’t eaten in about 15 years.

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Oh man…after about 6 weeks of extreme discipline I have been eating out almost every day for a week. Some junk food, mexican, chinese.
Yesterday I had 4 supreme tacos at taco bell. Baaad girl, baaaad! lol

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I really wanted ice cream all this week, specifically strawberry chocolate chip. Not only did I get some, I ate an entire pint in one sitting. It was the only thing I’d eaten that day other than vegetables, though, so no regrets!

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Lemon meringue pie. Never got any.

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@SavoirFaire OMG! Stawberry chocolate chip ice cream? I’ve never heard of that. I’m not much of an ice cream lover, but strawberry and regular chocolate chip are my 2 faves. I know I’d love this stuff. What brand is it?

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@Coloma Love me some Taco Bell. Especially their crispy potato soft tacos. I hoard their hot sauce packets for later use.

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@gondwanalon Maybe a trip to Marie Callender’s or Coco’s is in your future. Gotta get some pie in you.

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My youngest hosted a sleepover last night and I made them late night brownies and bought them bakery doughnuts for breakfast and did not take a bite of either. I was foaming at the mouth over both though!

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I’m a terrible eater. I keep trying to eat healthy, but quickly revert to old habits. I usually crave sweet things, but every now and then I’ll crave salty things. I almost always give in to my cravings. For sweet things, it’s usually chocolate or ice cream. For salty things, chips and dip.

I tried those cheesy garlic bread chips. I did not like them at all. They just left me craving actual cheesy garlic bread.

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^^ Exactly.

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I caved after a hike today. I’m eating peanut butter and chocolate ice cream as I type. So delicious.

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There’s this amazing burger place in NC and VA called Cookout!

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Salted peanuts. I ate too many.

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I don’t eat out, unless it’s pizza. I don’t even eat fast food, and I mostly cook my own meals and bake my own deserts. Honestly I find life to be much short, and my career field to be much too dangerous to worry about eating healthy foods that I don’t enjoy. Since I don’t obsess with my health and eating habits too much I guess that I live a life where I eat unhealthy foods.

I had either sex-in-a-pan (pudding type desert), marble cake or brownies all of last week, and I had either pizza, pasta or huluski for supper last week. I had eaten several large bags of potato chips too last week. I’m in good shape, work out and walk a lot, but I basically eat ‘unhealthy’ foods for a living. No, I don’t feel guilty either. Most people in my family had lived to 90 to 100 years of age too eating the same way.

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@Kardamom It’s one of Graeter’s limited edition flavors. This one comes out every spring. The only store that has it around here is Kroger, but I’m sure it can be found elsewhere.

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I wanted to go to a Catholic fish fry, but we had other plans on Friday. There are 2–3 every Friday through Lent, so I may get some yet!

Culver s had a walleye basket advertised today, but I was good and came home and fixed home made mac & cheese and fresh asparagus with butter and lemon.

NEXT Friday I’m going to try and talk someone into going to the smoked rib shack – they’re having salmon for Lent. Yum.

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A quiche made by my grandma. It was delicious, and I ate a lot of it. At least there was spinach in it.

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The assault is endless. The list of places with superlative “naughties” around here is stupefying. This very question by itself evokes an immediate Pavlovian reaction, and I’m now rationalizing a trip to the pie store 15 blocks from here. The reasoning goes: If I hop on the bicycle and ride to the shop and back, I can burn up enough calories to justify the consumption of an entire apple pie, then eliminate every shred of evidence prior to the wife’s return Sunday evening. Yes, I’m in trouble.

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Some lady next to me was just eating Gobstoppers. I swear I was just about to ask her for a few of them.

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I just had french vanilla ice cream with peanut butter and hot fudge. It was delicious!

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I have Banana taffy…one of my extreme weakness, and chocolate covered raisins.

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@Itstuburu A Catholic fish fry? Sounds like a wild time. lol

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@Coloma, oh my, chocolate covered raisins! About 2 months ago, I had a peri-menopause induced craving for bridge mix. I drove about 10 miles out of my way to go to See’s Candy to get some! It’s odd, though, because I don’t ever recall eating bridge mix, ever. I saw something about it online (why it was called bridge mix) and then suddenly I was overcome with a craving. Oh my goodness, it was good!

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@Kardamom Chocolate covered raisins and bridge mix and taffy…oh my, these sugary woods are scarily delicious. ;-)

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I feel guilty about eating some chicken fingers, but I wasn’t really craving them, they were just handy.

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I guess I’ll say alcohol. I give it up every year during Lent (not cause I’m Catholic). It’s good to check yourself every once in awhile, so I choose this 6 weeks to not drink. The first day I thought of nothing but the 3 beers in my fridge. Today is the 3rd day, and I feel fine. I will waver a few days, but most years I make it the full 6 weeks. The temptation lies in still going out with my friends, not in the alcohol itself. I tend to shed a few pounds, too.

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Forbidden? Psht! If I want it bad enough, I’m eating it. Nothing is forbidden.

Yesterday we were Spring cleaning, so every meal was really unhealthy. I even had a cookies and cream milkshake after dinner. Yes, it was very satisfying. Today won’t be much different, but I’m back on track tomorrow. Trying to lose these last 10 lbs by May.

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Good German Catholic community, @Coloma, so the Catholics have a number of fish frys every Friday during Lent. If you want a wild time you have to go to the KC Hall instead of a church. KC has a liquor license. :-)

I live between 2 smallish towns. The yearly big Town Drunk in one is Democrat Days and the other has the KC Picnic.

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Nothing, really but I feel the signs of cravings for honey roasted cashews creeping up my back again. Glad I have half a dozen Blue Bunny ice cream sandwiches handy.

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@Aster Yum to both of those things!

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Oh, no! Do not encourage me @Kardamom or I will end up buying those cashews!!

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Mini Cheddars and Abernethy biscuits.

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