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What's the difference between the Easton Stealth IMX and the V12? Which one is better?

Asked by roostie24 (4points) July 1st, 2008

Easton Stealth IMX is a two piece aluminum baseball bat
Easton V12 is a one piece aluminum baseball bat

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The answer to your question is in your details….
Unless you’re asking what the difference between a one-piece bat and a two-piece bat is?
If that’s the case, a one-piece bat is composed of a single piece of aluminum (or composite metal, if you shell out a bit more cash). A two-piece is jointed at the middle, and composed of two separate pieces of metal. The idea is that when you swing to make contact with the pitch, the upper piece will snap a bit, creating a whip-like effect and adding a bit of pop to your hit.

As far as which one is better, I’ll say this: I had the pleasure of hitting with a Stealth once, and it was the best bat I have ever used.

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I used to have an Easton Connexion (a 2 piece bat) when I payed high school ball.

I HATED it. It did not have the crisp contact pop feel of a single piece bat. My hands felt a dud every time I made contact- even if I got a good piece of the ball.

If you’re asking about the difference between a single piece and 2 piece bat, IMO a single piece just feels better.

However, if you have the chance to try both of them out and decide which one you like better, you should try and do that. Everyone has their own preference.

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Well the diifference between the 2 is that the stealth imx is a 2 peice bat and the v12 is 1 peice bat. If i had to pick an easton bat i would choose the easton sv12 yellow. Im 14, 5’9 165 and hit 450 feet bombs. SV12 alll the way.

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