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My son has a pea sized lump in his lower left jaw region?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 9th, 2014

So he’s going to be 2 years old in April and were weening him off the pacifier (only used when he sleeps at this point) but every time he grinds his teeth we were told its best to gently massage the jaw. I don’t know if that actually works I don’t feel relieved if someone massages my jaw but whatever it’s what the therapist say so it sounds reasonable.

This morning I massaged his left jaw and I felt a pea sized lump! It’s not protruding out of his jaw or anything his face structure looks the same…

We will set an appointment with the doctors this week and hopefully it’s just a swollen lymph node…

My question is… Has your kid ever had a swollen lymph node? Does it usually cause pain? My William doesn’t to be in any pain whatsoever?

Please share your experience!

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Just know most lumps are not a problem. It could be a lymph node, but that sounds like something else.

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Could be a little cyst or pimple as well. I sometimes get them inside my mouth and they go away. But of course, your doctor needs to check it.

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A hard perfectly round “lump” is usually a cyst. Usually nothing to worry about. I have had cysts come and go in different parts of my body. Cancerous tumors tend to be odd shapes. Sorry to bring up the C word, but I figure that is your worst fear. Best to get it checked by a doctor of course.

Let us know he is ok.

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Have him checked out, but yes, most likely just calcium deposits floating around. My ex husband had a couple of the exact same things and was told they were calcium deposits, nothing to worry about…but, get him checked.

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@pleiades – It is most likely a swollen lymph node. Kids get them sometimes without any other symptoms — their bodies are very busy building immunities to all the minor bugs in the world. Just make sure he gets lots of fluids, and if it is achy, you could put a warm compress on it. If it’s still there after a couple days with no other symptoms, you will want to get it checked. Obviously, if he develops other symptoms, I’m sure you’ll get him checked sooner.

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Looks like it might well be the lymph node. Probably it will go away on it’s own. Might just be part of teething or some minor infection. Still good to get it checked so you know what it is if it comes and goes.

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Hope and pray the doctor doesn’t say, “hmmm I don’t have any idea what it is.” Good luck and easy on their “testing.”

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I had something inside my lower lip once, like a small pea. i went to the dermatologist and he said it was a clogged saliva gland. He cauterized it and it never came back.

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Any follow-up on this, @pleiades? Did the lump go away, or did a doctor check it out?

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