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Who makesthe best projectors? It's for my work's confrence room.

Asked by EvanDoyle (6points) July 1st, 2008

Dell? Sony? Epson?

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I like the epsons. i installed one in my works conference room last year and it worked very well for us. good image quality and very easy to mount

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we have a small sony at work, does it’s job like it should and it’s pretty compact, if only they made nice, cheap led projectors….

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it is also important to know how to shop for the correct projector for your needs…here is a good article on that

go with a company that has a good warranty, especially if the projector gets moved around a lot.

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There are many, many brands and levels of quality (what kind of end user and application); I would suggest that if it’s a large-scale corporation and budget not withstanding, to go for high-end, but keep in mind that in addition to initial cost of the unit, you will have to budget for bulb replacement every 400–800 hours (depending on usage).

I would also add that depending on what your business is, you may not need a true “professional-strength” projector; for example, my college where I work uses very rugged, medium-quality projectors from Epson in their classrooms, but for the “board room” and presentation halls, they use Christie digitial cinema projectors-the ones used in movie theatres.

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