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What have you laughed at or found amusing, but cannot explain why you found it funny?

Asked by tedibear (17548points) March 10th, 2014

There is a GEICO commercial on now that I cannot help laughing at. Maxwell, the pig, is sitting poolside and checks the balance due on his premium using his phone. He is told that his premium is paid in full and he goes back to his music. He sits there saying, “Boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants,” to the beat of the music.

For some reason that I cannot discern, this makes me laugh. A friend suggested that it was the look on the face of the lady next to him, but I hadn’t even noticed her until he pointed it out. I don’t think it’s funny until he gets to the “boots and pants” part of the commercial.

Is there anything that makes you laugh, chuckle, snort or guffaw for a reason that you can’t understand?

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I don’t know why we find someone else’s pain amusing, but I do for some reason. My future in law was telling the story of his friend that was fishing on Lake Ontario. He was hauling in the down riggers and a wave hit the boat just as he got the weight out of the water and it swung over and smacked him in the forehead. We all laughed at the image. Same thing happens when another guy gets a shot to the groin. I guess because it’s not me. But that is kind of sick.

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I sometimes find the tone some people (mostly from movies and cartoon) use very funny, but of course I can never explain it to anyone. When I was young I laughed so hard at one scene of a Donald Duck cartoon. It was mostly the voice the duck used. There was something very amusing about it that I laughed very hard. I guess no one found that part laughable though.

@Adirondackwannabe if we didn’t find people’s suffering amusing then Just for Laugh and similar crap wouldn’t exist.

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Maniac dictators, Hitler/Gaddafi/Hussein, they’re fucking hilarious.

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OCD people and their obsession with the stupidist little things.
Who moved my cheese? lol

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Anything. I laugh at the stupidest, un-funniest things. I barely have any control over my laughter at all, and it bothers me and gets me in trouble a lot. The other day, my stomach hurt after laughing about my friend who left an egg on the stove.
To quote the Barenaked Ladies: I’m the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral.

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Zoolander, Dumb and Dumber, Old School. All 3 movies are hilarious every time I see them.

And myself. I crack myself up.

Or maybe we all have Pseudobulbar Affect. But don’t worry, they have come up with a drug to cure your uncontrollable laughter…

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I laughed and was stunned when a jelly asked, “will we ever run out of questions to ask?” Blew my mind.

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my partner’s jokes :p

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I live in a perpetual state of inexplicable Schadenfreude.

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@dxs I’m glad you didn’t attend my grandpa’s funeral ~ :)

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@Mimishu1995 I attended my grandmother’s. I accidentally hit the casket with the aspergillum and it set me off. Looks like I’m heading for hell.

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Something that my nephew posted on facebook….
“That which does not kill you…..Had better start running”!
It was funny until I read the rest of his post…about a friend trying to beat Cancer.
He was trying to give his emotional support.

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