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Does anyone know if the survey for fluther that offers gifts in exchange is legit?

Asked by Pandora (27130points) March 10th, 2014

I want to know if this is a scam or something sanctioned by fluther

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I’m sure it’s not. Where did you see it?

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They asked questions about how often do I visit and for how long and if I was male or female.
I’m sure if I tried to claim one of the prizes, then they will ask for my name and address. I like free things but only from places that are legit.

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Just followed the link; it’s obviously a canned program. Nothing Our Founders would be taking the time to do. It’s a scam.

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Actually just looked at the fine print on the bottom where it says it does not have any association to

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Yeah – those kind of things often pop up when you go into a certain program.

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I’ve seen sites with similar interface to this. They all said the surveys was for users of xxx websites, but never gave much information apart from that.

What’s more, if it was for real, how could someone just give us over 50$ because we did a fucking survey? Does it sound too good to be true?

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This is probably malware that has infected your computer. I would recommend installing a good anti-malware programme (Malwarebytes is the one I use). Antivirus software alone doesn’t always pick up on malware.

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Also, I am moving this to Meta, as it is about Fluther.

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Thanks @downtide. I suspected it could be malware and ran my malware program. I haven’t seen any pop ups since.

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You can’t tell by the url? That kind of URL screams scam.

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