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How well do you deal with change?

Asked by longgone (12849points) March 11th, 2014

I don’t like change – at all. I was supposed to meet up with a friend today. He cancelled this morning, and it took me two hours to get over this tiny change in my plans. Ridiculous. You can imagine how well I deal with anything bigger. What about you?

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I don’t like change at all so getting over my marriage ending has been a bitch! I still dream about my family being intact. But I am coping with it as best I can. Having a huge change like that puts some of the smaller ones in greater perspective.

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I’m not a big fan of change. That’s why, if I have any in my pocket at the end of the day, I put it in a bowl on my dresser. When the bowl gets close to full, I put it into trays in my car (if they’re not already full) for paying tolls and other small items, and the rest I put in a bag in my closet.

I haven’t decided yet what to do when I fill up the closet.

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@CWOTUS A friend of mine in college was saving pennies to buy a Maserati. Maybe you could too.

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I don’t like change unless it is for a good reason. If you can tell me why the new way is better, I’m all for it. Otherwise, leave things alone.

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I have often said that I don’t make plans, I set guidelines.

Change is a part of life and adaptability is vital to survival.

Of course, this is from someone who spends a great deal of time stuck in a rut.

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@janbb I would have to not be a fan of folding money in large denominations to so aspire. I won’t say that’s impossible to imagine, but it hasn’t occurred yet.

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The only thing that doesn’t change is that change keeps occurring.

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It takes me a while to adjust to big changes – switching jobs, having kids, moving households, etc. The little things don’t matter. I just roll with them. If someone cancels a lunch date, then I have time to read another novel.

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I do OK, but it also depends on what the change is. Over the last 3 weeks two of my kids have moved to other towns and I don’t like that.

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It’s weird… If I set my plans for the day, and something changes them (weather, other people, etc.), I get annoyed.

Big changes, however (buying a house, new job, etc.), don’t bother me. I see them as a project, and I love projects.

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Alas—less well with each passing birthday.

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I deal with changes on an hourly basis or more here at work and our success here depends on me being quick on my feet to deal with these surprises. Why I like to have little to no plans after work and on the weekends so I don’t have to worry about this or that plans changing. At home I am definitely not a fan of change.

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Lack of change, especially in the work place, annoys the hell out of me. “We didn’t need computers to do this or that in the 60’s so we don’t need them now!”

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Depends on what type of change it may be, if it’s change of plans to cancel an appointment I tend to feel a bit annoyed and I move on. Divorce is another change that took me two years to accept it. Other changes at my work is almost a daily occurrence and I have to deal with it.
I accepted that change is a way of life…

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always have a backup plan B in case Plan A gets cancelled.

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A friend cancelling on me wouldn’t bother me at all unless they were consistently unreliable. Especially if they cancelled hours before the time we were supposed to meet. I would be annoyed if I took a shower, got all prettied up, or missed being able to go to a Zumba class because they cancelled last minute. But, annoyed would not last me two hours. I don’t even think of cancelling a date with a friend as change.

Change to me is moving to a new city, a death, divorce, new job, promotion at work, an illness, and other biggies. I deal with some big changes better than others. Obviously, mourning someone close to me would be devastating and difficult. Things like moving have become more difficult as I get older, but I still see it as an adventure and enjoy seeing new things in my new city and surrounding areas. New jobs and new positions at work I have always been able to take in stride pretty well. I have never been divorced, getting married was not a big change for me.

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