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Is it fun being a high school guidance councillor?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) March 11th, 2014

How do I become one in Canada?

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I hate to be this guy. But you seem to have some issues that would preclude you from the job.

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This Is what I mean instead of being a fully fledged guidance councillor and a fully fledged programmer.

How can I start a career as a flowchart maker or written material writer maker for guidance councillors or students that they will use as computer programs or reference? I’m somewhere in the middle of each side and I hope to fit?

I would like to make computer programs for guidance councillors. Like the Choices program in Alberta I would like to help make programs for high school students… If possible I would like to be somewhere in-between a programmer and a guidance councillor… maybe a combinations of writing flowcharts and not doing any physical programming and not fully a guidance councillor with out any masters or BA. degree just yet… I have 30 credits in Bach. of Arts and I would like to start helping students soon or right away.

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I suppose it could be, but bear in mind this is from someone who thought it would be fun to teach children the wrong words for things in their formative years just to make kindergarden more interesting.

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From wanting to be a high school councillor to wanting to write government pamphlets in a couple hours’ time (on top of all the other careers you’ve wanted to pursue), you are all over the place. Honestly dude slow down, try to focus on one “passion” for more than a few minutes.

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Can you say AD…. Look! A squirrel!...D?

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Conselor or councillor? Isn’t a councillor a member of a government council? Or is that another US/UK/Canada/wherever spelling discrepancy I’m not aware of?

As for your question, it depends on your idea of “fun.” You almost certainly need a degree to become a guidance counselor – at least an undergraduate degree, but most have higher degrees. And you should probably enjoy working with kids, and helping people in general. Guidance counselors in elementary and middle schools do different things than a high school guidance counselor does. In my high school, all they really did was class schedules and college/career planning. Sure, you could go talk to them if you had a problem, but most of their time was spent on academic/career planning. For younger kids, there’s still coursework planning, but I think they deal a lot more with bullying and other problems between kids.

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