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What's the best way to keep eggs freshest, longest, in the fridge?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) March 12th, 2014

I just got a carton of 6 out of the fridge, and 4 floated. I hate throwing food away!

It seems to me that I heard something one time about submersing your eggs in water for the longest life. Or oil?

Help me out here.

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Oh, and I recommend always storing your eggs in Styrofoam rather than cardboard cartons…self defrosting refrigerators will suck the moisture out of them, otherwise.

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Keep them in the carton, in the bottom vegetable drawer of the fridge.

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Not really what you’re after, but—eat them sooner.

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just because the eggs float, does not mean they have gone bad. It just means they will be easier to peel.

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I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen an egg go bad. When I lived in Belize eggs weren’t even refrigerated and it was hot as all hell.

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My eggs stay good for a long time in the fridge. Sometimes a month after the date. I’ve never kept them longer I don’t think.

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You mean they float while boiling? Yeah, that doesn’t mean they’re bad at all.

I buy farm fresh eggs (so delicious!) and eat within two weeks, they’re fine.

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When I was a kid, we bought our eggs directly from the egg farm in quantity. We had an old refrigerator in the basement that was not self defrosting, and I remember my mother keeping eggs in there for 6 months.

I’ll try the drawer, @kritiper, as that basically replicates the non-self defrosting.

I don’t eat them at all, ever, @Kropotkin, but try to keep some on hand for cooking.

NOW you tell me, @ragingloli, @uberbatman and @KNOWITALL & @JLeslie. I already threw them out. I could have boiled them…I did the float test and kept the 2 that didn’t float for a dish I want to make to use up the moldy cheese.

LOL Where’s that LuckyGuy???

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This might help.
“For a test just to see if the eggs are all right to use, dissolve 2 tablespoons salt in 2 cups cold water, then put the egg in the water. If it sinks, it’s good; if it floats, it’s too old. Remember, even with these tips, you should always cook your eggs well done, because Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria are present in most eggs. The bacteria can even be inside the shell, so even if you wash the egg or soft-cook it, you could get sick if it’s undercooked. And always refrigerated eggs, whether cooked or uncooked.”

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hard cooked eggs are only good for egg salad. this “guide” basically tells you that you should not eat eggs benedict. worthless

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Edited out…..

is better.

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@ragingloli, eggs were not meant to be salad. “Shredded Egg Carton Salad” would be tastier and you could choose your texture: paper or plastic.

#1 was actually more informative, @flo – my former beliefs, before this thread. As of today, I will boil any egg before I discard it.

Luck, luck, luck-EE GUY! Lassie, see where that boy has gotten to!

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hard cooked eggs are only good for egg salad


Hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper are an exquisite delicacy!

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Don’t use the plastic egg containers that come in refrigerator doors and don’t store the eggs in their cartons on the doors either. Use a shelf.

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What Gail said. Also, store the egg carton on its side – this keeps the yolks centered. This and more tips here.

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What’s it mean if your eggs all balance upright? lol
I was really bored at work tonight.

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If my eggs float I would throw them out. I do test them when they are 2 plus weeks after the due date. I’ve never had an egg float even up until a month after the date.

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The water test is good for testing if egg is boiled or not boiled as well, interesting.

So, put them in a container with water, and put it in the back of the fridge to keep them fresher longer?

@ibstubro I don’t get the “my former beliefs, before this thread.” part.

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@flo “just because the eggs float, does not mean they have gone bad. It just means they will be easier to peel.”

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Eggs stay good for such a long time in the fridge I don’t see why you need to bother with storing them in water.

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If you have a fridge that needs defrosting (remember those??) the water that evaporates will only make needed defrosting happen that much sooner.

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I remember. Thank goodness those fridges were basically gone by the time I became an adult. I remember the first self defrosting refridgerator my mom had. She must have been so happy. I have to ask her about it.

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But at some point eggs go bad boiled or not right? Other than the smell what is the test for that?

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Pickled eggs can last for months without refrigeration. So if you last hard boiled eggs . . . .

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@Tropical_Willie But is the taste the same? The taste of a freshly boiled egg is so good.

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But @flo hard boiled at room temperature will not last six or eight months, maybe three hours.

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Man, I love pickled eggs! I used to have the best recipe, but I failed to write it down.

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I got hooked on them in cheap bars ( $ 0.25 sixteen ounce beers ) in the 1960’s!
Saw dust on the floor and Andy asleep at the end of bar with his forehead on the bar at 4 in the afternoon

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The local paper once ran 3 recipes for pickled eggs, but none of them suited me. I combined the elements and made my own. They were delicious! Years later, I don’t remember.

I know I used sliced red onions that bleached to a light pink and highly resembled earth worms. Best to wrap a worm around the egg and eat together. YUM.

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