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Would you make out with a stranger?

Asked by Cruiser (40398points) March 12th, 2014

A gal made this video about 20 people who just met and were asked to kiss while she filmed them.

Would you kiss a stranger? If you did, would it be a quick peck like the 2 guys or a passionate kiss like some of the other couples did? Who were the better kissers in the video?

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When and where?

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I have made out with people after 10 minutes at a party. I wouldn’t have any real problem doing it instantly for a project. You can’t get mono twice so why not.

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I would kiss, and with passion. Not with deep tongue, but definitely some lip nibble.

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No. I only one time in my life kissed someone I had met that day. I never plan to do that again.

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Reminds of this video I saw once. Some girl was sitting there and she accidentally pooped herself. It was all runny and gross, and people were quickly walking away. One guy comes up and goes, hey wanna come back to my house and make out? The girl goes, are you serious? I just shit myself and you ask if I wanna make out? Then the dude goes, yeah. And she’s like, fine, okay, lead the way. Lol.

Don’t know if that actually happened, or if it was fake. I’m pretty sure it was fake, but it was still funny.

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The only time I kissed a stranger was during a game of spin the bottle, and it then it didn’t really qualify as “making out.”

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Ha ha. No. And especially not just for the sake of somebody’s video curiosity.

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I did once on a train. It was heavenly.

She and I were 13.

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Is that the same video that I’ve seen referred to as having used models and actors?

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@Symbeline Goes to show you just how desperate guys really are! That is funny…made me laugh!

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I have. Throughout Highschool and the parties that came with, I did that quite a bit. Also a few times in college. Everytime involved alcohol. Now, I’m usually the sober buddy and when I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.

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No different to a blind date when it comes down to it. Never been on one, but I reckon i’d be up for some stranger snogging, sounds like fun.

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Many of these people area actors, musicians (OK Go), and models. Not just average people. I originally saw this being marketed as average people and their response to kissing a stranger.

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I’d make out with @janbb, but probably not anyone “stranger” than the lovely penguin. Jan, we can meet in the produce section of Whole Foods. I’ll treat you to a delicious clementine afterwards ;-)

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@picante You are on, my darlin”!!

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Probably not.

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In the name of science, yes.
Or just to make out, yes.

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I saw that video earlier and found the whole interaction fascinating. From nervous jitters and big wide smiles to beginning the kiss to seeing a couple of them physically relax into their partners. My favorite part was when the one guy said to the other that he just wanted to hug him… And with most you saw a continued physical contact after the kiss and a stronger connection between them. Very interesting.

And yes, I would and have made out with strangers. Kissing cute guys at a big dance club is fun. Doesn’t mean you have to pursue anything more.

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@picante @janbb Make sure you video tape that kiss and post it here!

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The more strangers one makes out with, the more likely one will get some strange.

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I’m a borderline germaphobe – not sure if there’s an official word for that – from working in healthcare, so I probably would not. Yes, I have made-out with people the same day I met them, but it has been decades since that happened.

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I highly doubt it.

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Considering my lack of romantic relationships, probably. Especially if they are as good-looking as the people in that video.

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And the parodies begin. (NSFW)

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OMG @hominid I can’t stop laughing! Too funny! ROFLMAO!

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That was just too funny for words. I’m still laughing. That Indian guy was really enthusiastic. “yip !” Too much :)

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The video is an ad for clothing

I never did watch the video. I thought it was curious that the kissing strangers were young and attractive. You can go to a nightclub and see that any week. I would have watched the video if the strangers had been a balding man kissing a cougar with crows feet. What young model or actor hasn’t posed and kissed a stranger before?

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@Cruiser What’s that stand for? Bad Answer? Or Badass…

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It depends. How hot is my kissing partner. That would make a huge difference.

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This is exactly how we should begin a Fluther, in-person, massive meet-up.

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When I was younger I would definitely go for it. But now that I’m old the thrill of kissing is gone especially if the kiss is not going to lead to anything more.

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Yep. There’s enough hate already. All forms of love and sharing should be praised lol.

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Sure; lots of times! One hundred years ago but yes. (-;

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Strangers kiss each other all the time. Ever been at a party?
If it were like the situation in the film, shallow as it may sound, I would kiss them if they were hot.

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