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What is the best way to make my chest stronger?

Asked by 2TFX (435points) March 12th, 2014

I love swimming, but I have been advised that there are better ways to strengthen my chest

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(1) Bench press: Lie on your back holding a barbell (or dumbbells if you really want) straight up above you. Slowly lower it to your chest, then push it up until your arms are straight again.

(2) Pushups: Start with regular pushups, then try variations (hands closer together or further apart, weights on your back, one-handed). It is essential to keep proper form when doing pushups, so practice next to a mirror if at all possible.

(3) Dip: Essentially, this is a reverse pull-up. You stand with straight arms, holding something on either side and slowly lower your body until your arms are at a 90-degree angle. If you are high up and holding bars, you might be able to keep your legs straight. Ideally, however, you bend your knees as you dip (which also means that you could do this exercise at home if you have two counters that are close to one another—just make sure you won’t lose your grip).

(4) Chest fly: This can be done with dumbbells or any weight machine designed for chest exercises. Start with your arms out wide at chest height with the palm-side of your hand facing forward (as if you were going to give someone a big hug, but with weights clutched in your hands). Bring your arms together in front of you in an arc until they are straight in front of you, almost touching. Then bring your arms back to the starting position. If you’re using dumbbells or have a weight machine with an adjustable seat, try doing this sitting up, leaning back slightly (so you are lifting on an incline), and lying flat on your back. Note that if you are using a machine, it may force you to perform the exercise in a particular way.

(Sorry for the vagueness of my descriptions. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding videos online showing you how to do each of these exercises, including variations on them.)

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Military push ups, bench presses and fly’s and lots of them. I am a swimmer too and free style sprints will blast out your pecs in a hurry

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Push ups
Lots of them

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If you are swimming, use the butterfly stroke.

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