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Which do you like better-Madrid or Barcalona?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) July 1st, 2008

Which place in Espana do you like more? I personally like Madrid better.

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Never been to España so can’t say.
I been to Italy though and I like Roma and Napoli the same though.

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its barcelona, btw, and i have never been to either but a friend recently got back and had only amazing things to say about barcelona

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I stopped in Barcelona to refuel, they’re pretty friendly and it’s a beautiful place to just sit back and look out into the ocean.

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I’ve been to Madrid and Barcelona, both are great places to visit, but people at Barcelona are mean to tourists and don’t like to socialize very much (at least they weren’t very nice to my brother and me) I’m Mexican and I thought I wouldn’t have any communication problems, but people at Barcelona tend to talk in Catalan just for the fun of it (and to emphasize you are a stranger in their land). Madrid’s people were eager to help everytime we asked for directions or a place to grab something to eat. So I agree with you Madrid is better.

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even though I liked Kobi in Barcelona, Barcelona didnt digg me—I prefer Madrid…

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But… the people in Barcelona ARE Catalan. Perhaps it’s forgivable that
they tend to use their own language.

Spain with a Mejicano accent is hard though, I agree.

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I like Seattle, at least I don’t have to travel 5K miles to see it. One time to Europe, I liked Italy best. Never to Spain.

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You’re just jealous Tom. I’m on my way home from London (we went from Barcalona to London and now London to Seattle) and we are on a double decker bus! The reason why I like Madrid the best is one, its architecture was fantastic and two, I met a nino…Tom knows what I mean.

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You met a baby?

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nino means boy. He is actually more of a muchacho. A muy guapo muchacho.

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Nonononononono – MrsDr, remember you are already in a committed relationship!!

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