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Hello. Does anyone know which schools might offer upper division biochemistry or biology courses in the summer?

Asked by Catnip5 (45points) March 12th, 2014

****I’m aware this question is slightly redundant from my last question. However this question is about me looking into particular courses, especially online courses, being offered outside of California (where I currently live) during the summer. The courses can be from any campuses in Arizona, New York, Canada, where ever.****

I am looking for core electives to take for the summer and to have those credits count for my degree. My department chair would be okay with any biological courses offered as long he could approve it.

I’m also looking for particular biology or biochemistry courses to take in the summer to meet my upper division requirements such as in one of the following: Ecology, Marine Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry sequences, and Bioinorganic chemistry. The first four aforementioned courses must have a lab.

It would be great if the electives are being offer online. As far as the information in my second paragraph goes, I not sure if it was even possible for any of the courses I’ve listed above to be offered online as both lab and lecture. I’m a dual major in biochemistry and biology if that helps and I from California.

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