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Does anyone know if there is a way for me to find out which universities in California are offering upper division biology related courses in the summer?

Asked by Catnip5 (101points) March 12th, 2014

Is there a way that I could generally find out which cal state, UCs, or private schools in California are offering upper division biology courses for the summer? I tried asking my department chair for suggestions but he personally doesn’t know too many campuses that does offer them.

Should I try contacting the main headquarters for more information? (Other wise I would probably have to resort to going through each campus alphabetically by university system until I find one!)

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First you’d have to see which universities have the classes you’re looking for to begin with… Try

Then from there you may have to call each individual university to see if they have a summer class program.

I know SDSU has this information through what they call, SDSU WEB PORTAL

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Most colleges have a public list of all of the courses for each term. As far as I know, you’d have to go through each of the colleges’ websites.
The schedule is probably under an “Academics” tab or a “Registrar” tab. Or a “Registrar” tab under an “Academics” tab.

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You might want to start with the most flagship branch or most wildly known uni that is the closest to you. It should only take a few minutes then to pull up the summer courses offered in advanced biology. Where are you located at present?

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edit; Damn. That’s “widely-known.” I turn my back for one second and spellcheck goes beserk.

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I’m located in southern california of the inland empire.

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After a rather cursory search, I believe that U. CA at Riverside has a distinguised bio program including the master’s and PhD levels, plus a summer session. You can take it from there if you are interested. Are you still in high school?

Isn’t Riverside in the Inland Empire? I would also check out UCLA and UC San Diego.

Here’s Riverside’s Summer Academy which allows high school students to take college level courses on campus and have a “real university experience.”

Twenty bio courses offered

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