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What "cry tear-ia" do you use when weeping at movies?

Asked by ucme (49879points) March 13th, 2014

If you’ve ever become emotional when watching a particular scene in a film, do you only cry when watching alone or have you let it out regardless of whoever may be present?
Do you feel a bit silly afterwards or do your tears feel fully justified in making a connection with whatever’s playing out on screen?
Which movie scenes have ever made you cry?

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I love movies that make me cry, but I don’t do more than get watery eyes if I’m in a theater or around other people, even my husband. If I’m alone, there’s no holding back.

I once was home alone and the movie Marley & Me was on. Stupidly, I watched it. By the time it was over, I was bawling like a baby. The scene that gets me is when Jennifer Aniston kisses the dog in the back of the car before Owen Wilson drives off to the vet. Kills me. I’m a big baby, so many movie scenes have made me cry. That one sticks out because it was pretty recent.

A lot of songs make me tear up as well. You Can Let Go Now Daddy is one that makes me especially choked up.

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I sometimes cry for things that other people don’t cry for, so then I try to suppress it. But my fiancĂ© has figured me out, and knows that if I reach for the drink, it’s often a cover-up that I’m turning to mush. So with him, I am more likely to just let it go than with anyone else.

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I’ve always been a movie crier, and I seem to be becoming more so as I get older. And heck, I’ll whenever I feel like it, and with whomever is sitting next to me—at home or in a theater.

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You are reading a response from a girl that cried over a beer commercial during the Super Bowl. Clearly I have no criteria. I don’t cause a scene or anything, I usually tear up til I overflow and a few tears will escape.

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I usually cry when there is something that touches me personally. Typically, family and/or pet scenes; especially if one of them dies.

In no particular order, these have made me cry:

In Mr. Holland’s Opus, when he goes to his son’s school and sings “Beautiful Boy” and changes the last line to use his son’s name.

Also in Mr. Holland’s Opus, when the band plays his “opus” at the end.

In Beaches, when Barbara Hershey’s character dies.

The opening scenes of Up, by Pixar

There were a couple of more recent movies that made me teary, but I can’t recall them now.

And no, I don’t feel silly or awkward when that happens.

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I turn into a basket case when I listen/watch Story Corps videos in Vimeo .
“She was the one”
“Germans in the woods”
“Always a family”
“The Road Home”

They are only 3 minutes long but so packed with feeling and emotion I am a wreck after. Whew. I just listened to “Always a family” and I can’t see my keyboard.

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Oh dear, currently I am crying during sad adverts. I put it down to depression. Anyway I hate cry movies. :( So avoid them.

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I get teary eyed when:

1. There is a moving depiction of the love in a father-child relationship.
2. A child speaks up for himself or for someone else in a caring loving way (think “Charlie Brown Christmas”)

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I wept harder during “Sophie’s Choice” than any other movie. It was audible. It is my intent not to be heard in a theater, other than laughing. That movie circumvented any chance of that.

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The only movies that make me cry are home movies of my kids when they were younger.

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@tedibear: If there is someone who did NOT cry at the opening scenes of ”Up”, they are not human.

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I never cry during movies, but I’ve become slighty teary-eyed. There’s no criteria, but it’s usually the deep and involved drama scenes that pull me in where two people are crying over something relationship involved or when there’s a really bad scene where someone is being treated horribly.

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@Blackberry You don’t cry? Would you do me a favor and look at the link I suggested above? Pick any of the 3–4 minute videos I suggested and let me know how you make out.

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I always get a little teary eyed in Day of the Dead, when Bub the zombie comes to the realization that his mentor is dead. I’m not trying to be funny, it’s true. I know it’s stupid, it’s a smelly zombie, but that part gets to me.

The part.

The zombie even sniffles. Which is completely wrong, but then zombies aren’t supposed to be able to cry, either.

But yeah, to actually answer something, I usually keep it to myself if there’s other people around, whatever part in whatever movie might make me emotional. Not too hard, as I don’t particularly get very emotional in any movie. Except Bub.

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@Symbeline It’s not stupid at all, shows dedication to your art, or something like that.

I don’t tear up often watching films, but if i’ve already seen the movie & a touching scene that gets me is coming up, I leave the room when anyone else is with me.
It’s the cowards way out but so what, yellow is my fave colour.

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I enjoy the emotional release a movie gives me when it makes me cry. If I’m around others I’ll just get teary eyed but sometimes when alone it’s kinda like “OPEN Z FLOOD GATES!!!”

Up still makes me cry. I know its coming but still

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What makes me tear up the most is when animals get hurt or die. Just don’t let me anywhere near Lassie. I also got teary at that scene in Beauty and the Beast (yes, yes the Disney one, shut up), when Belle thinks the Beast is dead, right at the moment that last rose petal falls.

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I freely admit to filling up near the end of Wall E when it looks like he “died” & Eve is desperately trying to waken him…whimper

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Never during a movie but I did well up a couple of times when I read The Road.

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Well, I cry whenever I feel like doing so, I don’t care if people will stare or something.
I cry every time I watch: Hachi (because I could be that dog), Marley & me (when Marley dies), Lovely Bones (when Susie finally kisses that boy), Notebook (well, it’s a sad movie) and Tarzan (don’t ask).

Dumbo could make me jump out a window.

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I’m hopeless. I cried when they were going to put the non-producing chicken in a chicken pie in “Chicken Run.”

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I don’t think I can have criteria. I feel like I have no control over my tendency to burst into tears at any slightly emotionally riveting movie scene. Or TV show. Or commercial. I cry easily.
Giving examples would create a very long list. The Green Mile gets me every time.

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I reckon I cry more at happy scenes, usually endings, than at supposedly sad moments in film.
Nowt like tears of joy.

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Oh, I forgot. The scene in The Lion King when Mufasa dies – kills me every time.

Yes, I’m an adult. So? That movie rocks.

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@Blondesjon same here. I read the book before it was made into a movie, and when the movie came out I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to watch it, even though Viggo Mortensen is one of my favourite actors. I just knew it would hurt too much.

The new-born baby… omg the baby… :-(

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Cheers folks, good stuff.

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When I’m at home, I’m usually watching stuff alone and let the tears fall silently (No sobbing for me, just sniffles)
The most saddest ones I can recall:
Never Let Me Go
Grave of the Fireflies
The Lion King
My Sister’s Keeper
If I’m in the cinemas however I don’t cry… I can’t cry in front of people.

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@MilkyWay Braveheart sure has its moments. I love the secret wedding part. I hope that if I ever get married, everyone disapproves of it, so then I can do it in secret.

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